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northern ireland group tour

Taking the Stairway to Paradise: Northern Ireland Group Tours

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northern ireland group tour

One of the exciting things about traveling is being constantly pushed to step outside of our comfort zones. While not many of us purposely travel across the world as thrill-seekers, opportunities to do so seem to always present themselves.  Unsurprisingly, many tourist destinations have used our affinity for adventure to their advantage. However, there is something so different, so charming with the way Northern Ireland does it.

We cannot point our fingers to a particular reason, so we will show you instead. Below are some of our favorite stops on Northern Ireland group tours.

Northern Ireland Highlights and Features

1. Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge

This stop is obviously not for the faint of heart. Connecting a tiny island to the mainland, the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge spans about 66 feet and is suspended almost 100 feet above crashing waves and rocks. While currently a favorite activity for thrill-seekers, this bridge used to be crossed by salmon fishermen to access the secluded waters around the island, around 350 years ago. Although the salmon population has decreased, the

northern ireland group tour

bridge is still maintained (and is even not as dangerous as before) to accommodate visitors. For those who may lose their courage to take the trip back to across the bridge (as many have), they can take a ferry from Carrickarede. It is best to avoid this activity during windy days or when the weather is turbulent, for obvious reasons.

2. Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail

You have probably already seen photos of this popular trail on Instagram. After all, it does seem like a literal stairway to heaven. However, do not let its “Instagrammable” beauty fool you. The Cuilcagh Legnabrocky Trail runs for around 4.6 miles and is considered to be a moderate to difficult trail. The terrain is quite challenging, especially for beginners, but the moment you pause to take a breath and look around, you will understand why it is a path worth taking anyway. The views are sublime and gives you a good sense of Northern Ireland’s natural beauty. This will become an important part of your Northern Ireland photography adventure. There is just too much beauty to take in and to photograph. But just like everything else in nature, we remind hikers to tread carefully, to not veer away from the trail, and to respect the entire area.

northern ireland group tour3. The Gobbins

This is perhaps among the more underrated Northern Ireland travel destinations. The Gobbins first opened in 1902. Unfortunately, because of the war and the costly upkeep, it fell into disrepair, eventually leading to its closure. Fast forward to 2011, they began working to restore the path again. Now, the path includes 15 new bridges and 6 gallery structures hinged on the steep coastal cliffs. It is not for the faint of heart. Its height, the slippery rocks, and even the weather may be daunting, but the discoveries along the way make the rush worth it. The route offers a natural aquarium, caves, and other natural formations. Make sure to plan your visit beforehand as the path can be affected by the bad weather.

The above are just some of the incredible adventures you can have on Northern Ireland group tours. Who knows, you might just find your hidden thrill-seeker on this trip!

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