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Beyond Skiing in Squaw at Tahoe

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Squaw Valley MountainWhen Californians think of Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley, 90% will tell you it’s where you go to ski. But the beauty of Tahoe and this valley in Northern California goes far beyond the famed winter sport. Our travel club recently finished up the season this year with some spring skiing in April. Little did we know this season merely opens up to 3 more epic ones: spring, summer, and fall. Yes, it’s no surprise that the Lake Tahoe region has all 4 seasons much like the surrounding areas but what is surprising are the awesome outdoor activities to make sure you’re having fun when you can get out of the cube. In addition to some epic hikes, the squaw valley area in particular has a fantastic golf course, fly fishing, and a world class spa to relax the muscles after a long day in the beauty of outdoor California.

We’ll start with the championship Golf course in the heart of Squaw Valley. The “Resort at Squaw Creek Golf Course” may get a C- in the nameSquaw Creek Golf department for creativity but it gets an A when it comes to the links. The well groomed and maintained course offers spectacular views as holes climb up and down the mountainside where ghosts of skiers past can be heard in the refreshing breeze. This is not a good course for beginners but the avid and skilled golfers will love it. Narrow fairways and demanding par 3’s make the course a par-71 if you’re lucky enough to see that score on your card at the end of the day!

squaw fly fishingIf golf isn’t your thing, how about some fishing? Fly fishing that is. Who knew that Squaw Valley hosts some of the best fly fishing in all of Tahoe let alone the country!? The resort’s private ponds are fantastic for those wanting to learn this fun and unique sport. This year Tahoe is putting on a festival in celebration of the great fly fishing culture & community. The Fly Fishing Film Tour cap the day off nicely but not before you can get FREE casting lessons with professional Matt Herron, win great prizes, and partake in the fly fishing competition. All this fun will also support the High Fives Foundation

If you follow our advice and make it up to Tahoe this spring or summer you’ve got to takeBest Spas Tahoe advantage of the amazing award winning Spa at Squaw Creek. Let us just start by saying this spa was listed in the top 5 of the best US spa resorts by Conde Nast Traveler. The amazing space with tranquil sounds of the river nearby offers a true sanctuary of relaxation. With 10 treatment rooms, outdoor whirlpools, a fitness center, and much more, the spa at Squaw Creek is the perfect way to wrap up your day of fun in Tahoe.

These activities just touch the tip of the iceberg in North Lake Tahoe. We can’t wait to get back as the weather continues to warm up for some summer fun and relaxation!

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4 Replies to “Beyond Skiing in Squaw at Tahoe”

I haven't been to Tahoe since I was a kid, but this post highlights some of the best of the reasons to go :) Thanks for sharing! You can never go wrong with a good spa treatment!
    August 23, 2013
    haha yes! Spa treatments always brighten the day up--especially in a setting like Tahoe!
Mary @ Green Global Travel
September 1, 2013
I have only ever heard Tahoe referenced in glowing terms and typically by those headed for the slopes, though it sounds like an amazing get away for outdoor adventure seekers across the board - and with one of the top 5 spas in the country, how could you possibly go wrong!
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