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Nationals of the European Union, USA and Canada do not require a visa to enter Mexico and can stay as visitors for up to 180 days. [...]
Below are some general packing tips and information for travel to Costa Rica, a beautiful tropical getaway. [...]
China Group Tour
Navigating China is much easier when we travel light. We’ll be moving around throughout the adventure frequently and taking a combination of flights, trains, and vehicles [...]
What to bring with you if you're singing up for a trip to the Seychelles? Here are our recommendations - packing list for The Seychelles photography trip. [...]
new zealand group tour
Please PACK LIGHT!!!! We’ll be moving around throughout the tour and there are luggage restrictions for our included domestic flights (see below, only applies for […]
 Recommended Southeast Asia Packing List (Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar)   **Please pack as light as possible!!! We will be moving around a lot on these adventures and […]
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