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bora bora group tour

Stepping Outside the Bungalows: Bora Bora Group Tours

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bora bora group tour

When we think of Bora Bora, usually the thing that comes to mind are images of cobalt blue waters and private bungalows. These are the stuff of dream luxury vacations: lounging around your beach villa, a drink in hand, with the promises of relaxation in paradise. It is an alluring image. After all, who does not want a relaxing luxury vacay? But trust us when we say there is more to this French Polynesian island than meets the eye.

Bora Bora group tours are often centered on activities on the beach. It is so beautiful; one cannot help but be drawn to it. But what exactly are the things you can do here? We have listed down some of our favorite Bora Bora travel destinations and experiences.

Bora Bora Highlights and Features

bora bora group tour1. Walk underwater

Many tourists come to Bora Bora for the aquatic attractions. However, not all have the resources and skills for scuba diving. The best alternative is Aqua Safari and their one-of-a-kind diving helmet. This helmet allows you to walk and dig your toes in the sand in 3 meters of blue waters. You will be surrounded by the prettiest, most colorful fish, sea grass, and more. And the best part is? Your hair won’t even be wet! This activity is perfect, even for children.

2. Relax on Matira Beach

Hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, it would be a shame to skip this attraction. Matira Beach is about a mile-long stretch of gorgeous—really, really gorgeous—fine white sand and clear waters set against the backdrop of lush green hills. It is literally a walk in paradise. As this is a public beach, it is free to everyone. Swimming and snorkeling are the best here because the water is so clear and the sea bottom is flat and free of sharp corals. There is also a lot of resorts, shops, and restaurants run by locals. This is such an iconic beach that it deserves a spot in your Bora Bora photography adventure.

bora bora group tour3. Hike to Mount Otemanu

At one point in your trip, you may begin to wonder if there is something else to do in Bora Bora besides swimming. And the answer is a resounding YES! Of course, Bora Bora has a lot more to offer, such as hiking one of its popular volcanoes: Mount Otemanu. Unfortunately, because of the fragile volcanic rock, you can only hike until the base, but even that is already an experience in itself. Mount Otemanu is such a presence in Bora Bora—you could see it wherever you are on the island—and being so close to it is incredible.

A single list is not enough to capture all the best things Bora Bora has to offer. Every minute on the island is an affirmation why this destination is so well loved by many. Joining Bora Bora group tours is one of the best ways to experience the island.

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