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montenegro group tour

Small But Beautiful: Montenegro Group Tours

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montenegro group tour

Why would one consider joining Montenegro group tours?

For many reasons!

While not as popular as its neighbor Croatia, this tiny Balkan nation is proving to be just as worth the visit. Do not let its size fool you—Montenegro boasts dazzling medieval cities, lush UNESCO protected parks, and some of the most beautiful terrain in Europe.

And because Montenegro is often overshadowed by its more known neighbors, you are guaranteed to enjoy the scenery with less crowds and lower costs.

Not entirely convinced yet? We put together some of our favorite Montenegro travel destinations below.

Montenegro Highlights and Features

1. Our Lady of the Rocks

Gospa Od Skrpjela (or Lady of the Rocks) is one of the small manmade islands located in Boka Kotorska bay, close to Perast. This manmade island dates back to the early 1400s and was said to be where an image of the Virgin Mary was discovered by two fishermen in 1452. In 1630, they built a Catholic chapel, and every 22nd of July, locals ride boats to the island and throw rocks into the sea in a custom known as fašinada. The church currently standing is from 1722 and features a 15th century icon of the Virgin Mary and an altar made of Carrara marble by sculptor Antonio Capelano. There is also a small museum for the history of Perast behind the church. The quickest way to get to the island is through a ferry from Perast.

montenegro group tour2. Castle of San Giovanni

If you want the best perspective of Montenegro, then you better include the castle of San Giovanni in your itinerary. However, you have to work for the views—you will need to climb around 1,400 stairs to a height of 1,200 meters above sea level. Every step is worth it! While climbing for the sunset is not a bad idea, we highly recommend going there early in the morning. The lighting is much better, especially if you are on a Montenegro photography adventure.

3. Ostrog Monastery

In the 1600s, many Orthodox Christians took to the mountains in the hopes of surviving against the Ottoman Empire. Among these sites is the Ostrog monastery whose entire structure was carved out of the face of a cliff. Currently, it is considered to be one of the most important Orthodox destinations in the country. The current cave monastery dates from the 1920s when it was renovated after a fire.

montenegro group tour4. Skadar Lake

Many Montenegrins consider Skadar Lake as the country’s very heart and soul, and it is easy to see why. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a freshwater lake straddling the boarders of Albania and Montenegro. The surrounding karst mountains and rocky shores add to its ethereal quality. Skadar Lake is also home to diverse wildlife including more than 200 species of birds. Within its vicinity, you will also find traditional fishing villages, monasteries, and beaches.

Montenegro feels like a secret discovery. It is homey and quaint. It reminds us why we enjoy venturing into new places. This tiny country shows why traveling is an essential part of our lives.

So what are you waiting for? Join Montenegro group tours right away.

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