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Should You Take Travel Vaccines Abroad?

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Vaccines for Vacation
Courtesy of WebMD

Millions of people love to travel around the world. Going on a trip either by plane or boat to experience different cultures and everything in between is such an exhilarating experience. It can be relaxing, exciting, exhausting and fulfilling all at once. But amidst the excitement and joy of it all lies the danger of getting viruses and other maladies that can not only hamper your trip and affect your life forever.

Without adequate immunity to certain diseases you are at risk for contracting these nasty microscopic bacteria and viruses. The importance of getting immunized from particular preventable and contagious illnesses is valuable. Everyone is recommended to have themselves vaccinated from a particular disease before visiting a certain place in the world that harbors infectious organisms or viruses.

Prevent Malaria
Courtesy of Web MD

Of course, the viruses or bacteria present in a certain place which cause malaria or hepatitis may not be that alarming in your country but may spell disaster in another nation. It is advisable to consult your family physician about the necessary things that you need to undertake before traveling to another place. A doctor well versed in communicable and endemic diseases in particular countries, can give you ample knowledge about certain medical precautions about the country you’re visiting. This way you will be more protected and well informed about the various health hazards of you’re next exciting destination.

While there are a few nations that demand certain shots before visiting their country, there are other countries that only suggest medical precautions including vaccinations and certain prophylactic treatments when entering their territories.

Although there are no specific health requirements, places located in Asia are usually prone to getting Dengue fever, Typhoid fever, Malaria, and even Schistosomiasis (fluke worm infestation). Given that these are some of the common diseases that exist in this area, it is crucial for someone to take advantage of the available vaccines.

malaria prevention
Courtesy of Web MD

Even if vaccination is not compulsory (although recommended) a smart & informed traveler will make sure to see a doctor and spend the necessary money for vaccines and other preventative drugs before traveling. It can prevent a whole lot of heartache and will save money in pricey medical bills once it’s too late.

It’s much easier to handle the pangs of a typhoid or hepatitis B shot than having to deal with the complications of the illnesses in the long run. This is far less disconcerting  than a prematurely ended getaway!



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6 Replies to “Should You Take Travel Vaccines Abroad?”

April 10, 2012
I made sure I took certain vaccines before heading off on my first trip to Thailand.
    April 11, 2012
    yeah. I think its a no brainer in most situations...
Vaccines are essential to starting a trip off right - and making sure the trip doesn't end in the emergency room!
    April 18, 2012
    so true--I don't think it's worth the risk going without them...
    May 22, 2012
    Yeah it baffles me when people travel to some places unprotected!
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