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Safari in Kenya: Must see destination for your bucket list…

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CheetahsKenya is vibrant with life in a way that can’t be found in any city and even most countries in Africa. Where else can you walk out your front door to observe the mighty lion?  There is no place that screams wilderness quite like the sweeping vistas of Kenya. No better lullaby than to hear the wild world around you laying itself down for slumber while the creatures of the night get ready for the hunt. A trip to Kenya is a trip back through time.

The country of Kenya straddles the equator and is home to nearly every ecosystem in Africa. You could scale wondrous mountain peaks one day, then travel deep into the heart of the verdant jungle with Masai tribes the next. You will never run out of things to do here, just time to do them.  Once you experience Kenya, not much compares.

Everyone who has visited, or considered visiting Kenya has heard of Masai Mara National Reserve. The reserve stretches for two hundred square miles over the plains and through the countless wooded ravines. There are herds of zebra roaming the plains, along with gazelles and giraffes. The Massai Mara is also home to one and a half million wildebeests that migrate here each year.

Walking through the forest you will hear the call of many different exotic birds, as well as the busy chattering of monkeys swinging through baby elephantstrees overhead. You can also travel to Musiara Swamp to see the great buffalo herds in the last place they exist in such great number. Elephants range for miles though they prefer to live near the swamps and lakes.

Kenya tourism counts for over a third of the gross national income. Travel is big business and the people and culture are well adapted for this. There are many day trips to exotic locations around Kenya in addition to the multi-night safaris. The giraffe center and elephant orphanage in Nairobi are excellent stops and only take a couple hours each. Take a trip to one of the many exciting  jungle camps and experience life like it was meant to be in the wild. Many of these camps have fully equipped amenities, so no roughing it unless you’re into that sort of thing.

Masai tribes

No matter what kind of vacations you like, you haven’t taken your best vacation until you have been to Kenya. Nothing in the world can compare with the face to face encounters with wild big game animals on their own turf.  The scenery alone is some of the most breathtaking in the world. If it wasn’t already obvious, the photography and photos you’ll take home will be some of the best you ever get and to be remembered for a lifetime. Do us a favor and make sure Kenya is on your travel bucket list.


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5 Replies to “Safari in Kenya: Must see destination for your bucket list…”

I've been on safari in South Africa before, but am really hoping to make it to Kenya and Tanzania later this year. Luckily this time I won't need to take 80 rolls of film along!
May 13, 2012
Nice. A safari in Kenya is definitely on our list :)
May 23, 2012
Would love to go to Kenya. I was in S. Africa earlier this year and liked it so much I'm going back in August to do a safari.
    May 24, 2012
    Jealous! We haven't been to South Africa yet and are hoping to plan a trip there soon!
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