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Ethiopia group tour

Rugged Dreamland: Ethiopia Group Tours

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Ethiopia group tour

Many people assume that travelers travel to escape, and for years, that seems to be the case. However, lately we have come to understand that perhaps it is the other way around: we travel because we want to be in the world. We want to experience, to feel, to see, to smell whatever this tiny planet has to offer.

And it is with this mindset that we think of Ethiopia—a rugged, landlocked dreamland that is unlike any other place. From its landscapes, history, and people to its cuisine and culture—Ethiopia group tours are an exploration.

We have listed down below some Ethiopia travel destinations that you ought not to miss.


Ethiopia Highlights and Features

Ethiopia group tour1. Restaurant on the Edge

Ben Abeba (Lalibela, Ethiopia). When one visits a foreign country, it is only right that one of the first things we consider is where to eat. However, Ben Abeba in Lalibela is taking the experience to a higher level—literally. In a nutshell, Ben Abeba is an out-of-this-world restaurant sitting on the edge of a cliff situated beside a medieval holy city. The restaurant is easy to spot too: just look for a giant structure that is a cross between a snail shell and a spaceship. The views are just as incredible as the food.

2. The Hottest Place on Earth

Dallol (Afar Zone 2, Ethiopia). Traveling is not just about flower beds and gorgeous cityscapes. Oftentimes it is discovering places you never knew existed, such as Dallol in the Danakil Depression. Known by many as the lowest and hottest part of the world, Dallol records daytime temperatures as high as 50C/122F in the summer. While the temperature is a little harsh, the formations are anything but. The lowlands feature orange, yellow, and green salt formations that look like real-life paintings. This is a perfect stop in your Ethiopia photography tour, because where else would you find anything like this?

Ethiopia group tour3. Feeding Hyenas in a Walled City

Harar. Known as the fourth holiest city of Islam and a UNESCO world heritage site, eastern Ethiopia’s Harar holds 102 shrines and 82 mosques, with three dating from the 10th century. The entire city is enclosed by a wall constructed in the 13th and 16th century and stands 4 meters tall. There are so many things to see and visit in Harar, but one of the most unique is the hyena feeding ritual that has been done for half a century. You can be a spectator or take part in the ritual yourself.

The above are just some of the many things you can do and experience in Ethiopia. Of course, it is worth mentioning that no trip in Ethiopia is complete without experiencing an Ethiopian coffee ceremony. Coffee is an integral part of the Ethiopian culture, so you must not skip this one.

Indeed, this place is a dreamland. See for yourself by joining Ethiopia group tours.

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