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Poland Group Tours

Poland Group Tours: Traversing Old Towns and Reliving the Past

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Poland Group Tours

Poland is slowly becoming a European travel sensation. While most vacation itineraries to Europe take one to Paris or Italy, more and more travelers are discovering the hidden gem that is Poland.

Poland group tours are almost always packed with walking tours through the gorgeous old towns of Krakow, Warsaw, and Gdansk, pass the Gothic cathedrals and museums. However, there is more to Poland beyond these historic towns. In fact, Poland has more than enough to satisfy every type of traveler.

Below are some of the activities one can do while in Poland:

Poland Highlights and Features

1. See “The Painted Village”

It is no exaggeration when they say nearly every bare surface in the Polish town of Zalipie has been painted on with intricate floral patterns. What started out as a practical and ingenious method to cover the black marks left on the walls by the soot and smoke from stoves has evolved into an elaborate tradition, spanning for over a hundred years. Now, one of the more popular houses has been turned into a museum about the village.

Poland Group Tours

2. Photograph neon lights

If you are the sort of photographer who enjoys playing with light and colors, then the Neon Museum in Warsaw is the place for you. The museum houses neon signs created after World War II, designed by some of Poland’s most prominent artists. It is one of the very few museums of its kind in the world. Your Poland photography adventure will not be complete without including this attraction in your stop.

3. Experience life upside-down

Ever wondered what it is like to live in a house turned upside-down? An attraction in Szymbark lets you explore a house that is literally on its roof. It is complete with furnishings from the 1970s, back when Poland was under Communist rule. Guests climb into the house through the attic window and stroll through the house on the ceiling. More than just a trippy tourist trap, this house is symbolic of the topsy-turvy effect of communism in Poland.

4. Visit Auschwitz

One of the most popular Poland travel destinations is Auschwitz. It is a must when you are near the area. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a reminder of Poland’s painful past in the hands of the Nazi. There is a guided tour that takes visitors to the different corners of the concentration camp, while learning their backstories. It is an easy day trip from Krakow, and the large camp takes a few hours to explore.

Poland Group Tours5. Hike the Tatra Mountains

If you have more time for a more intense experience, consider hiking the Tatra Mountains. Explore the gorgeous shimmering lakes and valleys and traverse rock-ribbed hills covered in fir trees. We recommend hiking in the summer, with countless trails (of varying intensity level) weaving towards the Slovak border.

Be it a historical exploration or an adventurous one, Poland group tours offer some of the best experiences when visiting this European country. Poland will never fail to surprise and amaze every traveler.

Poland is also an excellent jumping-off point to see the nearby countries like Czech Republic and Hungary.

So what are you waiting for? Add Poland to your 2019 travel bucket list and join our Eastern Europe Tours that includes Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary.

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