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Photography Gear: ThinkTank Camera Backpack Giveaway!

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 thinkCamera Backpack GiveawayLast month’s travel blog article outlined the awesome ThinkTank Photo ShapeShifter Camera Backpack. Now, our next camera backpack giveaway has begun! Thanks again to ThinkTank Photo for letting us try out this awesome photo gear accessory. We use it on all of our travel club’s tours and are delighted to have received another one to give away to a lucky travel club member!  Check out the review from the link above and enter the giveaway below!


For a chance to win the ThinkTank Shape Shifter camera backpack (a value of $265.00!) do the following:


1. If you are not already a member of one our travel clubs , YOU MUST join at the sign up here: Photofly or Singles by the Bay Put “Think Tank Giveaway” in the “how did you hear about us” box (don’t forget to click the confirmation link in the e-mail!)

2. If you are already a member of one of our club’s YOU MUST refer one friend or family member to OR  Have them put YOUR NAME in the “how did you hear about us” box

3. You MUST LIKE Photofly Travel Club on Facebook

4. You MUST SHARE this giveaway on your Facebook Wall! Post this link on your wall: 

5.  If you were to win, why do you need a camera backpack like the Shape Shifter?  Leave a comment below!

6. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and whatever other social media network you use.


1. Retweet this giveaway on Twitter for your name to be entered TWICE!


  • Entrants need to reside in the USA and must be at least 18 years old.
  • You must be a fan of PhotoFly Travel Club on Facebook in order to be eligible to win this giveaway.
  • The submission deadline for this giveaway is on Thursday 06/04/14
  • The winner will be announced both here, our newsletter, and on Facebook . We will contact the winners via E-Mail in order to request mailing addresses, etc.

Thanks for entering this month’s camera backpack giveaway!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by the awesome folks at Head on over to ThinkTank Photo on Facebook and let them know how much their camera gear ROCKS! 


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21 Replies to “Photography Gear: ThinkTank Camera Backpack Giveaway!”

April 28, 2014
I move way to fast and extreme to not have my camera protected from the elements while Im scaling a collapsed lava tube, or getting ready for a night dive with manta rays!
Robin Martin
April 28, 2014
Retiring from teaching after 38 years and planning on lots of travel and photo times. This backpack would be awesome!!
Kaaren Slen
April 29, 2014
What could be better than hiking with a backpack designed to hold my new ( don't have it yet, but my work bonus is still in the bank) camera equipment.
George Guba
April 29, 2014
The flexibility is great for travel.
marcel bauer
April 29, 2014
I really really really need a backpack and this would fit my needs perfectly when moving about outdoors and hiking
April 29, 2014
A backpack like the Shape Shifter would allow me to travel to locations with a very lightweight package that could still hold a good amount of gear. The ability to expand the backpack as needed is a fantastic feature and could serve a large range of gear requirements.
Brent Stewart
April 29, 2014
I have no camera specific bags, so this would be a great upgrade!
April 29, 2014
I really need a bag to be able to hold all my camera gear and also to be able to hold my laptop so at shoots i can download my photos right away during the shoots
Paul V
April 29, 2014
I need a shape shifter because I am ADD and am always re arranging my gear but right now in 3 different bags!!!! I need a single A.D.D. bag to handle my issues
Steve Smith
April 30, 2014
I would use the shape shifter backpack to use in my travels.
Michael Crowley
April 30, 2014
I tweeted @thelimowreck I would love this bag because I could easily travel around and be able to fit all my camera gear. Plus it looks really cool! :)
Dante Carrer
April 30, 2014
Simply put the ShapeShifter appears to be the absolute ideal camera bag for my approach to photography and travel. Functional, lightweight, multipurpose and indestructible.
April 30, 2014
i need a bigger bag
Melanie F
May 4, 2014
Oh this bag is awesome!! I only have girly purse like camera bags that I use for weddings... I would LOVE to have a rad rugged backpack to take on adventures & not have to worry about it! Thanks guys! (Shared on Pinterest)
May 10, 2014
I need it because I currently only have a small bag and it doesn't hold everything that I need.
May 18, 2014
This bag would be great for travel where size and weight is a concern (think stowing in the front nose of a small plane).
Heather S
May 18, 2014
Definitely need something that can keep up with me and will suit my photography needs on the go.
Marcel Bauer
May 19, 2014
I live in Seattle, that should be enough info to explain why in need a bag like this. Protection, Protection, Protection!!!!
June 3, 2014
I would LOVE to have this pack. Looks perfect for traveling and hiking, both of which I hope to be doing a lot of soon. Facebook'd, Tweeted and spread the word to a couple of photographer friends who may be very interested...thanks for doing this giveaway!! :)
June 4, 2014
I need a better bag for my camera so that I can fit all the accessories and the camera in one bag. Much easier for my trips and treks
Jennifer Hiles
October 3, 2014
After having my daughter, I got out of photography for 3 years. She didn't really allow me much time for it. Now I want back in and I'm way behind on the technology and the gear. This would be a great start to my new passion!
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