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Photo of the Day: São Miguel Island

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São Miguel Island is also locally known as the “Green Island” and is the largest, measuring 293 square miles, and populous island in the Portuguese archipelago of Azores. It has about 140,000 residents and the largest city is Ponta Delgada.

Ever since the Azores became an autonomous region in 1976, each branch of government is located on 3 different islands. The São Miguel Island is home to the executive branch of government while the legislative branch is located in the island of Faial and judicial branch can be found on the island of Terceira.

The year round temperature in the island is between 57°F and 71°F which makes it a perfect planting ground for grapes which they turn into wine. Azorean wines are often made from three grape varieties – Verdelho, Arinto, and Terrantez which are grown within stonewalls made of volacanic rocks that protect them from winds and cool temperatures.

If you are after unique experiences, on the fifth Sunday after Easter, the local celebrate the Feast of the Lord Holy Christ of Miracles in Ponta Delgada where the locals participate in an afternoon procession behind the image of Christ along a flower decorated streets of the city.

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