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Perfect Postcard Getaway: Corsica Group Tour

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Corsica is probably not on everyone’s vacation radar immediately. In fact, a lot of people may not know that this tiny island in France in the Mediterranean Sea exists.

Which means you are in luck.

Imagine, a paradise of gorgeous sandy beaches, turquoise waters, and Franco-Italian architecture all to yourself (and the very few who are as lucky as you)! This is what Corsica Group Tours promise.

Now what exactly is so special about this little island that is only a five-hour ferry ride from Nice? We put together some of our favorite Corsica travel destinations and activities to help you get started!

Corsica Highlights and Features

1. Calanques de Piana

Picturesque. Stop-in-your-tracks gorgeous. Unlike anything else you will see. We can go on and on about the beauty of Calanques de Piana, but you have to actually be there to fully understand it. The red peaks and pinnacle of the calanques transform into a dreamy pink in the sunlight. This is the ideal beginning of your Corsica photography adventure. You may access this UNESCO World Heritage Site by a car, or if you want a more experiential visit, you may stop by the quaint coastal village of Girolata by boat or on foot. For those who are driving, there are rest stops by the road for picture taking. The tourist office in Piana can also provide maps with walking routes.

2. Bonifacio

Bonifacio, a small harbor town, was built in 828 to deter pirates. The town’s location is strategic, with its citadel overlooking the sea from a narrow ledge. To this day, the walls hardly seem to have aged—proof of Genoese engineering. Taking a walking tour is best to cover the focal shop, cafés lining alleys, the marina, and of course the tombs of Campu Santu on the cliff edge. And then, if time permits, you may take a boat trip from Bonifacio to see the grottos lining the coast in both directions.

3. Eat!

A visit to Corsica is not complete without trying their classic dishes. Because of its location, you will find yourself enjoying their wide selection of grilled seafood. You are in the coast, after all. However, the real gems are found inland—and the most iconic is civet de sanglier (wild boar stew). The tender and nutty meat is slow cooked with carrots, fennel, chestnuts, and red wine (lots of it!). It is often served in mountain restaurants and in Corte, particularly Casa di L’Orsu (4 Rue Mgr Sauveur Casanova). For dessert, you must try fiadone, a lemony cheesecake made with brocciu. It is delicious and perfect, just like everything in Corsica.

It is hard not to be taken by the romance of this small island. It holds promises of adventure and history and beauty, the very things we wish to find on our vacation. Corsica group tours are a dream come true for sure.

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