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serbia group tour

Paradise in the Middle: Serbia Group Tours

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serbia group tour

When one thinks of the Balkans, several names of destinations often come up, except that of Serbia. For many years, this little paradise in the heart of the peninsula has been overlooked. After all, what is it but a tiny jump off point to its more popular neighbors, right?


Serbia is slowly emerging as a country worthy of being explored. It offers untouched landscapes, ancient ruins, and hospitable locals.

Serbia Highlights and Features

serbia group tour1. Krupaj Spring

Krupaj Spring is the stuff of fairy tales. According to local lore, a powerful aquatic spirit occupies the Golden Cave under the spring, guarding a treasure of gold. The Cave is only open once a year on “devil’s day” when the spirit calls on other spirits to celebrate. But more than its myths and legends, Krupaj Spring also boasts ecological treasures. The water is so mysteriously turquoise, and the vegetation surrounding it is so strikingly lush. It is easy to see why this place is often described as magical.

2. Uvac River Meanders

Perhaps among the most breathtaking Serbia travel destinations, the Uvac River Meanders are a sight to behold. These are a series of looping arches formed by the Uvac River over the years. The canyon walls rising up to 100 meters above the twisting water make the terrain even more impressive. The Meanders are also an ideal stopover for bird lovers. In particular, this area is a sanctuary for the endangered griffon vulture whose wingspan can reach 10 feet. You can tour the Meanders on a boat, but only through authorized guides. In order to limit the number of visitors, restrictions are in place so be sure to book ahead.

3. St. George’s Church

Also known as Oplenac Mausoleum, St. George’s Church functions as a church and mausoleum for the Karađorđević dynasty. Built by King Peter I of Serbia, this building is covered with more than 40 million pieces of colorful glass. This results in the most gorgeous shades. For those who wish to play with colors in their pictures, be sure to include this in your Serbia photography adventure. Aside from the church, the compound also has royal vineyards and winery, King Peter’s house, and the vineyard keeper’s house.

serbia group tour4. Belgrade Aviation Museum

From awe-inspiring landscapes to spectacular architecture—Serbia really has it all. The Belgrade Aviation Museum showcases the aeronautical history of the former Yugoslavic republic. The unique architecture of the building alone is already an attraction. The building’s modernist curves and geometric panes contrast the flat landscape around it. Inside are a collection of iconic planes dating back from the early 1900s to the 21st century.

Serbia is a dream location for travelers looking to enjoy the Balkans without the busy tourist crowds. It is easily accessible, charming, and full of unexpected spots. The list above barely encapsulates the best things about Serbia group tours. But words, like they always do, fail us. The best way to understand the beauty of Serbia is to actually go there.

So what are you waiting for?

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