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“Otherworldly” Getaway: Finland Group Tours

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Now, do not let the title intimidate you. When we say otherworldly, we mean something that transcends our typical idea of beauty. Because Finland is like that. It is so beautiful and charming beyond words and also offers so much.

Unlike its Northern European neighbors, this Nordic country is not as often visited by tourists. This does not mean Finland has less to show for, of course! On the contrary, its relatively lower popularity makes it an ideal place to escape to. There is something for everybody too, whether you prefer nature adventures or culture experiences. It also matters when you will decide to visit Finland—because the winter and summer offerings are polar opposites.

We listed down some of our favorite Finland travel destinations and activities below.

Finland Highlights and Features

1. Visit a Lighthouse

Oh, what a dreamy way to begin a trip! Imagine being in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, looking out the sea from your tiny perch on a lighthouse. There are many lighthouses you can visit in Finland, and each has its own unique charm. Bengtskär is the tallest lighthouse in the Nordic countries and offers majestic views. It is accessible by boat between June and August months. You may also stay the night in one of the six lighthouse keeper’s rooms. Do not forget to book in advance.

2. Sleep in an Igloo

During winter, the sun disappears for months and creates a background to one of the most gorgeous displays of lights. Being surrounded by the white snow, the moon, stars, and the Northern Lights is an experience unlike any other. It is therefore highly recommended to sleep in a glass igloo or cottage to take everything in. Through this, it somehow feels as if you have become one with nature. This is also an important stop in your Finland photography adventure. Think of all the photos to come out of this!

3. Go skiing

When it comes to skiing, Levi is the most known (and well-loved) resort in Finland. The resort features 43 different slopes, perfect for varying skills, and 26 ski lifts. The trails run for 124 miles and include cross country sections and black runs. If you do not ski, there are other activities you can do such as snowboarding and husky sled rides. There is even an adorable reindeer park.

Another ideal destination for skiing is Kilpisjärvi where you can go cross country skiing under the “midnight sun” or the Northern Lights, depending on when you decided to go.

Ah, Finland truly feels like a dream. It is a snowy country with so much warmth. The adventures that await Finland group tours are incomparable and worth everything. Whatever month you decide to visit, this Nordic country is sure to take your breath away.

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