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tibet group tour

On the Northern Side of the Himalayas: Tibet Group Tours

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tibet group tour

Thoughts of Tibet conjure images of epic vistas punctuated by the breathtaking Mt. Everest. That is why it comes with no surprise that those who have set foot in this dazzling region on the northern side of the Himalayas often find themselves desiring to come back.

Whether it is for escapism or as an attempt to truly embrace what this world can offer, joining Tibet group tours is always, always a good idea.

Tibet Highlights and Features

tibet group tour1. Trek to the foot of Mt. Everest

If you are going to make the long journey to Tibet, at least make this one a part of your itinerary. A lot can be said about Mt. Everest, but one thing many can agree on is this: setting foot (or coming close to, at least) on the world’s highest summit is on many elite climber’s bucket list. Perhaps a climb to the actual summit is out of the question (unless you have physically trained for it), so trekking along its borders or heading to its base camp is a doable alternative. There truly is nothing else in the world being this close in proximity to this level of grandeur.

2. Take a ride on the “Celestial Road”

The world’s highest railway, the Tibet train or the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, stretches for over 2,000 km and connects inland China and Tibet Autonomous Region. Its extreme altitude (4,000 km to 5,000 km) deserves its nickname the “Celestial Road.” And rightly so. The journey takes about 2 days and across some of the most incredible scenery you will ever see. From your train window, you get to witness the unparalleled beauty of the Tibetan plateau—from the ice-capped peaks and sprawling prairies to the alpine lakes and roaming yaks. Your Tibet photography adventure will thrive on this train ride.

3. Visit Potala Palace

When you look up photos of Tibet, you will most likely come across many photos of Potala Palace. After all, this is among the iconic Tibet travel destinations. As the former residence and meeting place of the Dalai Lama, Potala Palace is a revered place and the pride of locals. Set against a gorgeous vista, this place is a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism, housing treasures and tombs, among many other artifacts. It is an easy destination that will only take you a day or less to explore.

tibet group tour4. Walk along alpine lakes

The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau is dotted by over 1,500 alpine lakes—all equally enchanting and worth a visit. These lakes boast unbelievable hues of blue and are surrounded by stunning, snow-capped mountains. They are the stuff of fairy tales and cinema—except that these Tibetan lakes are very, very real.

There is something about Tibet that sets it apart from other travel destinations—maybe it’s the untouched charm or the palpable sense of spirituality. This place draws you in and makes you more appreciative of the gift of travel and exploration.

Perhaps it will not completely change your life, but joining Tibet group tours will for sure become an experience that will remain with you for a long time.

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