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Off the Spanish Coast: Mallorca Group Tours

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It is always bright and sunny somewhere in the world.

We love vacations—they allow us to explore the many breathtaking jewels our little planet has to offer. They give us glimpses and reminders that the Earth is big and diverse and that there is space for everyone, whoever you are, wherever you are from.

That is why when it comes to holidays, we try to see a *new* place each time.

Let’s talk about Mallorca Group Tours.

This gorgeous gem off the Spanish coast is known for its diversity of activities. It is a so-called party island, but even those of us who prefer quiet and relaxed will find a lot of things to do and see in Mallorca, including limestone mountains, secluded coves, wineries, and Spanish architecture.

Excited to explore this island in the Balearic Archipelago? Here are some of our favorite Mallorca travel destinations and activities.

Mallorca Highlights and Features

1. Visit the capital city Palma

Oftentimes, we avoid the capital when visiting a new place. It is usually crowded and full of travelers who look just as lost and out of place. Not Palma, though. Thankfully, tourists do not typically visit Mallorca for its capital. This Spanish city is laidback and is ideal for walks and explorations. Among the things to see here are the architecture, beaches, and harbors. You must try the food, as well. Make quick stops at the Cathedral and Palma Aquarium (where you can dive with sharks!). Enjoy tapas and local markets along the harbor. You may even take a vintage train from Palma to the quaint little town of Sóller.

2. Explore Mallorca on a buggy

Head to Cala Millor for an unusual exploration of the east and north coast… on a buggy! The buggy tour takes around 4.5 hours and will bring you to small villages, castles, and monasteries. At Cala Millor, you can drive to the fire tower in Porto Cristo for a view of the cliffs. And then, head to Sant Salvador, the island’s highest point at 506 meters above sea level. The buggy tour really gives you a chance to slowly take in the entire island, visit its nooks and crannies, and enjoy the impressive views of the seaside. This is a perfect addition to your Mallorca photography adventure.

3. Shop local at the Inca Market

Markets are one of the best ways to experience a place’s local culture. The town of Inca is known for its weekly flea markets. Here, you can walk amid colorful kiosks, try local food, and buy handmade items for souvenirs. It is the perfect break from our busy working lives. We recommend going early in the morning to avoid the crowds. If you are able, renting a car is the most convenient way of getting to Inca.

Spanish cities carry with them their own charm, and Mallorca is definitely one worth coming back for again and again. Mallorca group tours will never disappoint.

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