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Off the Path New Zealand Destinations for Small Group Tours

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new zealand off the path
Lake Tekapo in New Zealand

Amazing landscapes, unique wildlife and great off the path trips are just some of the reasons why someone would consider going to New Zealand for a well-deserved vacation. Every year, over 3,5 million tourists come to New Zealand for an amazing time, most of them being part of small group tours in search for off the path destinations.

The country may be famous for their Rugby team, and the 150+ locations used for filming “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy but tourists can also have a fantastic time visiting other landmarks such as the Blue Lake, situated in Nelson Lakes National Park and has the clearest water in the world. Let’s not forget about the great nature scenes as the McLean falls in Catlin and Wharariki beach that will take your breath away.

New Zealand Highlights and features

new zealand off the pathWhen you are going to New Zealand on holiday, these are some of the things that you should do, to make sure that you have the full New Zealand vacation experience, especially if you are going to signup for an off the path New Zealand group tour. Here are just some amazing destinations for small group tours, it’s up to you to discover the rest:

  • Duke of Marlborough Hotel – This hotel is perfect if you want to book a dinner. They have the best food in town and feature a fantastic view of the Kororareka Bay.
  • The Bay of Islands. Perfect for small group tours searching for off the path destinations.
  • Old Packhouse Markets – the best place to find New Zealand specific food and unique dishes is situated in the northern part of the country, close to the Bay of Islands.
  • The waterfalls in and around Kerikeri are the center of each group tour focused on photography. Spending a few hours around these waterfalls will get you some of the best photos you can take in New Zealand.
  • Ride Ferries in New Zealand are extremely popular and tourists love every minute of it because they have the chance to admire the beautiful landscapes.
  • The St. James Anglican Church can also be a great destination for those seeking a more spiritual place to spend a few hours of their vacation.
  • Gabriel, the steam train will take you down memory lane and allow you to take in all of New Zealand’s wildlife and nature if you’re going to take it for a ride.

3 Unique things to do in New Zealand

All the above destinations will fill up the big part of your day but the truth is that New Zealand can offer a lot more fun and relaxation. Depending on what type of tourist you are, below you’ll find some unique, adrenaline-packed activities. Signing up for small group tours will allow you make the most of your New Zealand adventure. Here are some examples of fun activities you should really take into consideration:

  • Off-road driving -There are many roads and trails where you can go for off road driving. One of the most famous spots is driving on the sand dunes on Ninety Mile Beach.
  • Zip lining is an activity that most adventurous tourists search for when in New Zealand, and they’re not disappointed thanks to all the great places where you can do it.
  • Rafting between the mountains of New Zealand is offering some great fun, especially if you are traveling with a small group tour.

Best areas for photography in New Zealand

new zealand group toursThanks to the overall beauty of New Zealand, there are many places where you can go for taking the best photographs. Here are the top three places for taking photos in New Zealand:

  • Church of Good Shepherd
  • Milford Sound
  • Tane Mahuta

New Zealand is one of our favorite destinations because it has a unique way of providing exceptional experiences for every type of traveler. You will have the opportunity to visit great landmarks, photograph wildlife and eat some of the most exquisite food dishes you won’t find anywhere else in the World. Over 3,5 million tourists every year can’t be wrong.

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