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Of History, Medieval Towns, and Waffles: Belgium Group Tours

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Have you ever heard of the saying “big things come in small packages”? Well, Belgium is just like that. It is a relatively small Western European country that is packed with so much—from historical sites and well-preserved medieval towns to an extensive selection of delicious beers, chocolates, artsy spaces, and of course waffles. (We must not forget the waffles!)

Belgium group tours are especially ideal for those who wish to travel minus the dizzying crowds. There are many things to do and places to explore without the usual busy packs of tourists.

Ready to experience the best of Western Europe? Here are some of our recommended Belgium travel destinations and activities.

Belgium Features and Highlights

1. Have a bottle (or two!) of beer

You went to Belgium without trying their beer? Oh, that can’t be! After all, Belgium is #1 when it comes to craft beers and each region features their own local beers that are worth trying. Find a beer bar near your accommodation (there are many, trust us!) and ask the host to recommend their best beer. Among the favorites are Leffe Brown and Westmalle Tripel. Remember though that some beers contain higher alcohol percentages and may easily surprise you. Drink responsibly!

2. Walk along the canal of Bruges

Waterways say so much about a place’s history—and that is especially true in Bruges. From where it began on the riverbanks of Reie to its connection to the North Sea, Bruges is best explored through its canals. These canals are a gorgeous reminder of the city’s history and are best explored by boat or by foot. Their tourism website has a walking tour map you can download and use to explore the inner canals, leading you to picture-perfect bridges and secret gardens. The cruising tour, on the other hand, can be taken from any of the five landings. Include this activity in your Belgium photography adventure, and watch out for the iconic belfry.

3. Visit Mechelen Old Town

If you want to get a good feel of medieval Belgium (gabled architecture, old buildings, and all), then Mechelen’s old town area is the place to be. The Grote Markt is lined with exceptional and colorful buildings including Lakenhall and the Town Hall, with the striking Sint-Rombouts Cathedral and its tall clock tower rising in the background. You may also explore the guild house architecture through the center of the town. It is every history lover’s dream come true.

4. Have a Belgian waffle

Of course, you cannot be in Belgium and not try their iconic waffles and chocolates. The waffles are found everywhere—in stands or in cafes. These are thicker than typical waffles and are often topped with whipped cream, strawberries, and jam.

Belgium group tours have everything you could ask for from a trip: fantastic sites, interesting history, diverse activities, and delicious waffles.

Oh Belgium, what a sweet sweet country you are! 

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