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guatemala group tour

Of Chicken Buses and Mayan Sites: Guatemala Group Tours

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guatemala group tour

What is Guatemala known for?

This is a question often asked by many. More than just Mexico’s neighbor—which is why many mistake Guatemala to be a part of Mexico—Guatemala has its own unique charm. From Chicken buses to street markets to coffee to Mayan sites—there is always something for everyone in Guatemala.

Guatemala group tours are expected to be full—at least in terms of itinerary—and diverse—just as diverse as the country’s topography. You may find yourself getting a thrilling ride on a Chicken bus or trying out local coffee. Or perhaps exploring Mayan sites is more your thing? Whatever it is, Guatemala will never let you down.

Below is a list of things you have to try when in Guatemala.

Guatemala Highlights and Features

guatemala group tour1. Experience an authentic Mayan market

If you think Mayan culture is something only of the past, then you think wrong. In fact, Mayan culture is very much alive in Guatemala. The best way to experience it is through a visit in Chichicastenango’s twice weekly markets. Get acquainted with the culture and local life. Explore the craftsmanship and tradition that the Mayans are known for. Among all Guatemala travel destinations, this is one you should not skip.

2. See one of the world’s largest pyramids

guatemala group tourThis stop is not for the faint of heart. From above, the structure looks like a tiny volcano surrounded by vegetation. But upon closer inspection, one will realize that it is actually a pyramid structure. Located in El Mirador, or the “lost city of the Maya,” this giant stone structure is one of the world’s largest pyramids. It stands 236 feet tall and has a total volume of nearly 99 million cubic feet. Accessible through a staircase, the eastern side offers gorgeous views of the sea of trees. La Danta, as it is called, can be reached via a helicopter or a hike that takes several days.

3. Photograph the world’s most colorful cemetery

You read that correctly—a Guatemala photography adventure involves a tour of one of the world’s most colorful cemeteries. Located in Chichicastenango, the vibrant pigments celebrate the afterlife. Following the Mayan tradition, every color is actually symbolic of something. For example, white represents purity; turquoise, protection; and yellow, golden sun. There are some graves that break this tradition, with hues showing the deceased’s favorite color.

guatemala group tour4. Visit Central America’s deepest lake

Atitlán is so deep, it has not yet been properly sounded. Estimated to be over 340 meters deep, this lake is a result of a powerful volcanic explosion 84,000 years ago. Around the lake are three volcanoes, with another one visible on the horizon. Near the lake are towns home to Mayan communities. It truly is a magnificent place. No wonder the author Aldous Huxley gave it a proper acknowledgement, calling it “[Lake] Como with additional embellishments of several immense volcanoes. It really is too much of a good thing.”

The above are just some of the many reasons why you should join Guatemala group tours. This Central American country boasts of sites and adventures unlike anywhere else in the world.

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