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New Adventure to dream about & look forward to!

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We’re beyond excited to announce our brand new adventure for the end of this year: Mystical Israel & Timeless Jordan. This will be an incredible time to visit both countries with perfect weather & few tourists. Not to mention, many of us will be itching to get back out and explore the world!

The current data and modeling predictions, with regards to the virus spread, peak periods, healthcare capacities, etc, in many of the countries we are visiting are hopeful. Our expectation, as of now, remains that by summer we’ll be able to travel many parts of the globe again, safely. Of course, this unfortunate situation is still uncertain and could change in the coming months. We will update everyone as it progresses. 

THAT SAID, new sign ups have and continue to come in for our August journey throughout Eastern Europe Norway (September), Iceland in September, Greece (September), & Morocco in November.

PLUS, we have 2 spots that opened up for our early July adventure to Croatia. These go quick so don’t hesitate to get your deposits in ASAP. 

Check out the overviews below and sign up before it’s too late!

Travel Club Update: COVID-19 

PhotoFly Travel Club takes our current global pandemic extremely seriously. As such, a number of our spring adventures have had to be cancelled & postponed like most in our travel industry. We want nothing more than all of our members to stay healthy & happy during these trying times. We hope everyone is playing their part by social distancing as much as possible. The more people who properly follow this crucial tactic in our country, and everyone around the world, the faster we will conquer and come out stronger & better prepared when this happens again. 

As of today, April 9th, we remain hopeful that travel will become feasible and safe again for most travelers this summer. It seems probable,  based scientific & historical evidence, that warmer weather will help slow down the currently out of control spread of this virus. In fact, many countries seem to be reaping the apparent positive effects of warmer temperatures. It’s important to acknowledge that these are mainly countries that have ALSO enacted strict social distancing measures much sooner and in a more timely manner than the USA has been able to. Good news is MOST of the countries on our upcoming calendar fit this description! For more details about the predictions and scientific modeling in each state AND many countries around the world go here: (you can select any state or country for the location specific predictions)

Only time will tell and we’re following the situation very carefully. Our pledge is to share nothing but scientific evidence and advice given by the CDC and World Health Organization (WHO). We will base our decisions in the coming months solely on these two sources. 

We know this is going to be a difficult time for all of us, in a myriad of ways. PhotoFly Travel Club is committed to building amazing experiences for years to come. We will get through this together and come out on the other side with even more amazing trips.

We wish everyone nothing but the best navigating this crisis. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all to remain healthy and persevere until we overcome the virus. We know it will become a memory and learning experience for all of us and we hope this becomes a reality as soon as possible.

Much love and gratitude to all of our members,

Steve, Andrew, Catalin, Michelle, Raya, & the rest of our PhotoFly Team!

Mystical Israel & Timeless Jordan Group Tours


November 6th – 19th 2020


E-mail us OR fill out the form on our trip pages for the daily itineraries!


* 13 nights/14 Days Israel & Jordan small group tour

* Private, Local English Speaking Guide Throughout

* Charming B&Bs & top-rated hotels which fully immerse us in the local cultures

* 2 lunches & 3 dinners (Including Welcome & Farewell Dinner)

Part 1: Israel (8 Nights/9 Days)


“Few places on earth stir up passion the way that Israel does: the breathtaking beauty of its hills and valleys, the eerie stillness of the Dead Sea, the multi-colored canyon of Makhtesh Ramon, and the ancient walls and pathways of Nazareth and Jerusalem. The call of the muezzin and the quiet prayers of Orthodox Jews at the Western Wall reflect how the religious devotion of the Muslims, Christians and Jews who live here runs through every facet of life.” – Lonely Planet

The first part of our journey is spent exploring many corners of this beautiful country. Astounding landscapes, amazing people, surreal history (not just religious!), and diverse varieties of local cuisine make for the trip of a lifetime, and this is only part 1!

Tel Aviv, Haifa, Akko, Nazareth, Turquoise Grottoes of Rosh Hanikra, Sea of Galilee, & Gan Hashlosha National Park (4 Nights)

Israel Group Tour

* Privately guided orientation tour of Tel Aviv including a tasting Experience at the Carmel Market, Rothschild Boulevard, and other famous landmark Bauhaus edifices.

* Jaffa: The colorful, ancient port city has photo ops around every corner and an interesting flea market to explore.

*Haifa: Israel’s third-largest city is beautifully set on the slopes of Mount Carmel facing the Mediterranean Sea, nicknamed  ‘Israel’s San Francisco’. 

*Haifa: Israel’s third-largest city is beautifully set on the slopes of Mount Carmel facing the Mediterranean Sea, nicknamed  ‘Israel’s San Francisco’. 

* Akko: Explore the underground tunnels, port, and traditional Arab shuk at the Crusader Citadel, an UNESCO World Heritage site. 

* Rosh Hanikra: Israel’s northwestern tip is home to a stunning coastline and enchanting sea caves. It’s a must-visit that many travelers to Israel don’t even know about! 

* Nazareth: Known as the “Arab Capital of Israel” and a world-famous claim to where Jesus grew up, we can’t come to this country without a stop here! 

* Mt Gilboa Scenic Drive & Hike: A stunning drive marks our access point into this array of hikes, viewpoints, bike paths, and stunning outlooks. 

* Gan Hashlosha National Park: Without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in Israel, some say it’s the actual location of the Garden of Eden.

Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Eilat & Everything In-between (4 Nights)

“Destroyed and rebuilt over thousands of years, Jerusalem’s spiritual magnetism endures. With interlacing histories, clashing cultures and constant reinvention, the city is an intense, multisensory experience” – Lonely Planet

* Jerusalem privately guided tour: One of the most iconic, famous, and holy cities on earth including The Old City, Dome of The Rock, a tasting tour at Machane Yehuda Market,  & a traditional Shabbat Dinner!

* Bethlehem: “No longer be the ‘little town’ of Christmas carols, but you don’t have to go far in what is now a pulsing city to see the stories of Mary and Joseph, stars, mangers and a savior hardwired into every paving stone, street and church” – Lonely Planet. 

* Jericho: Descend to the lowest city on earth AND the oldest!

* The Dead Sea: Float in the salty waters without lifting a finger, and enjoy the famous mud used for its healing properties over the millennia. 

* Eilat: “Plonked between the copper-colored rocks of the Negev desert and the rippling, luminescent corals of the Red Sea, Eilat occupies an enviable position on Israel’s southern tip. Understated this resort city is not, but those who dare to peel back its rough-and-ready shell will find a seaside city thronging with activity, including some of the best diving and snorkeling in the region.” – Lonely Planet 

– Optional Snorkeling Adventure: Take a plunge into the warm, turquoise waters of the Red Sea to discover a vibrant world full of incredible living corals, fish, anemones, & marine mammals. (Not Included: price and sign up details TBD)


Part 2: Jordan (5 Nights/6 Days)

Few places on earth stir up passion the way that Israel does: the breathtaking beauty of its hills and valleys, the eerie stillness of the Dead Sea, the multi-colored canyon of Makhtesh Ramon, and the ancient walls and pathways of Nazareth and Jerusalem. The call of the muezzin and the quiet prayers of Orthodox Jews at the Western Wall reflect how the religious devotion of the Muslims, Christians and Jews who live here runs through every facet of life.” – Lonely Planet

Part “Deux” of our adventure takes us across the nearby border, but it’s like stepping back in time 1000 years! Where Israel has been modernized in many areas, Jordan has retained massive swaths of uninhabited wonderlands, dotted with tiny villages and ancient traditions still practiced to this day. It’s during this part of our journey that some of the images we capture will likely end up on your walls for years to come…


The Wadi Rum (1 night)


“Prepare to be awed. There’s more to Jordan’s most famous desert than vast expanses of sand, though the undulating dunes are certainly mesmerizing…” “The closest you’ll ever come to camping on Mars, Jordan’s Wadi Rum is an otherworldly experience you shouldn’t miss in your lifetime” – The Points Guy (latter) & Fodor’s (former)

*Luxury Camping on  “Mars”: In the heart of Wadi Rum’s majestic landscape stands our incredible camp, offering a uniquely awe-inspiring experience of serene desert living. Our distinctive Bedouin-style tents afford mountain views with a private bathroom/hot water shower,air conditioning, & a terrace.

* Jeep Safari: Canyons, towering mountains, rock arches, enormous sand dunes, & ancient Nabatean sites come into view with our camera’s ready. 

* Optional Sunset Hike to Rock Bridge: Located in the southeast of the protected area, the 115 ft high Jabal Burdah rock bridge is considered one of the highest natural arches in the world, and one of the most spectacular sites in Wadi Rum. 

Petra (2 nights)

Poet Dean Burgon called Petra, the ancient city of dazzling facades tucked into the mountains of southern Jordan, the “rose red city, half as old as time…Its boulevards, temples, and splendid tombs (800 in all), secreted among the high cliffs, evoke incomparable mystery and grandeur.” – Fodor’s.

* Magical Nabatean City Guided Tour: A plethora of history, some magical highlights include the Siq, Treasury, Obelisk Tomb, Calligraphy, Jabal Madbach (sacrificial palace), & Theater. 

-An optional 2nd entrance the following day will allow for plenty of time to explore more & photograph at your own pace. *See daily itinerary for price & more details.

Amman (2 nights)

“As Middle Eastern cities go, Amman is a relative youth, being mostly a creation of the 20th century. But though it lacks the storied history and thrilling architectural tapestry of other regional capitals, there’s plenty here to encourage you to linger awhile…Downtown Amman is a must-see. At the bottom of the city’s many hills and overlooked by the magisterial Citadel, it features spectacular Roman ruins, an international-standard museum and the hubbub of mosques, souqs, and coffeehouses that are central to Jordanian life.” – Lonely Planet

* Shobak Castle: Discover this impressive Crusader castle built by Baldwin I of Jerusalem in 1115 AD. 

* Mt Nebo & Moses’ Discovery: This is the mountain considered to be, according to the Old Testament, where Moses saw the Promised Landed before he died. 

* Guided tour of Amman: Highlights include the Roman Theatre, Citadel,  Temple of Hercules. 

* The Eastern Desert Castles: Al Kharaneh, Amra Castle,  & Al Azraq Castles.

* This entire trip will be amazing for photography and one photographer will be on hand to help those who want to learn more about using their cameras, compose better images, etc. (PhotoFly Travel Club adventures are laid back when it comes to photography. They are not workshop style based tours and you do not need to be an avid photographer to join. All are welcome!)

* Privately guided small group tour as always!

* All Taxes & Fees included

* All Transfers and ground transportation included

* Roommate Pairing to save money as always!

* International Airfare is not included but we will assist all guests with finding the best flight if needed! (Flying into Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv (TLV) and departing from Queen Alia International Airport, Amman (AMM). Specific arrival/departure times needed will be sent to the group approximately 4 months prior to the trip…)

E-mail us at for the daily itinerary!

Join us!

We’re beyond excited to announce our new partnership with the extremely successful non-profit,Not Just Tourist.For 25 years their “mission is to help those who urgently need healthcare by matching tourists who are visiting developing countries with local clinics and hospitals in need of medical supplies. Not Just Tourists is the meeting point for travelers and donors. We provide the facilities and connections for hospitals, clinics, and medical suppliers to donate materials, and then we pack them into suitcases for world travelers to bring them where they’re needed most in the countries they’re already visiting anyway!”

On many PhotoFly Adventures going forward we’ll be working with NJT to bring suitcases filled with medical supplies to clinics and hospitals in the same regions we’ll already be exploring!

*If you’re interested in helping out and are signed up for a trip in 2019 already, pleaseemail usand we’ll let you know the details and options for that particular trip.


Spread the word about our travel clubs! If you know any friends, colleagues, or family that love to travel invite them to join! It’s free and all are welcome! The larger we get the more trips we can plan each year…

Any questions feel free to contact us anytime as always!

Travel Club Organizer: Steve Juba
978 479 4527

*Please always review our cancellation and refund policy located at the bottom of every trip page before making payments. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions.

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