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Morocco group tour

Treat your senses: Morocco Group Tours

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When one thinks of Morocco, perhaps images of the bustling traders of Marrakech come to mind. However, the real Morocco is so much more than just that. Morocco is the land of rich vibrant colors, arousing aromas, and age-old traditions set against spectacular mountains, expansive deserts, and extended coastlines. Add in the country’s rich history and fusion of cultures and the unique mixture of French and Arabic languages, and you have yourself a travel destination unlike any other.

You may wonder if joining our Morocco group tours is worth your while, the answer is simple. Yes! Morocco is the sort of country that you must experience to believe.

Morocco Highlights and Features

1. Score local goods in the medinas

The medinas or markets of Morocco deserve their own day in your itinerary. These markets feature an exciting display of artworks, colors, scents, and of course, people. Many claim that to experience these markets is to experience Morocco itself. Found near city centers, these markets are the best place to score traditional Moroccan products and spices. Slow down and listen to the mixture of French and Arabic languages as you walk through the locals.

2. Explore the Sahara on the back of a camel

When in Morocco, you should not miss this experience. Re-imagine the life of a Moroccan nomad from years back as you traverse the thrilling terrain of the Sahara, on a camel’s back. Treat your eyes to natural spectacles (that you will not see anywhere else), and conclude the journey with an overnight stay at a desert camp. We recommend wearing comfortable clothing (long pants and fitted shoes), along with a hat or a headscarf.

3. Experience Berber-style camp

As mentioned, your camel ride will probably include an overnight camp in the desert. We recommend camping Berber-style for a more authentic experience. It is a magical experience to sleep under the stars while being surrounded by a sea of sand. You have a choice to go rustic or luxurious (aka Glamping), depending on your preference. For those on a Morocco photography adventure, this is your opportunity to capture an unobstructed view of the night sky, so better get those gears prepared.

4. Discover Morocco’s leather goods in Fez

The Imperial City of Fez prides itself for its thriving cultural scene and leather products. In fact, Fez is one of the favorite Morocco travel destinations to visit for those looking to score authentic Moroccan leather goods. But even if you are not looking to buy any, taking a trip to the old medina is a must. The tanneries in Fez have been operating since the medieval times and haven’t changed much. To see these leather products being made, go to the leather shops in the galleries above Chaouwara Tannery’s courtyard.

5. Soak in a traditional hammam

A hammam, or steam bath, is an important part of the Moroccan way of life. Back when private bathrooms were a luxury not afforded by many, hammams became social meeting places where people bathe and shared gossips. These days, public hammams have become few, but those that still operate offer a one-of-a-kind Moroccan experience where you can get the chance to interact with locals.

Being a part of Morocco Group Tours is an experience that will enrich your understanding of the country and the traditional Moroccan way of life. It is an interesting opportunity to explore the many corners and wonders of Morocco.

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