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Exotic Madagascar Safaris & Group Tours

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off the path MadagascarMadagascar will put even a well-traveled person in awe because 80% of its flora and fauna can’t be found anywhere else on Earth, making Madagascar group tours a popular search term online. Madagascar safaris aren’t just for daredevil solo travelers but for families or friends who want to experience a unique nature escapade.

The island, being the fourth largest in the world, boasts of a wide array of animal species – from chameleons to reptiles to more than 50 various types of lemurs, and more. It also features beautiful landscapes of volcanoes, green plateaus, limestone formations, prickly forests, virgin rainforests, and even turquoise waters and coral reefs.


Madagascar Safaris Highlights and Features

  • Andasibe National Park (Perinet)

The entire family will certainly enjoy walks at this national park while being greeted by the Parson’s Chameleon and the Indri which is the largest lemur. Guests will likewise delight on the sight of lianas, trees adorned in mosses, and thousands of orchid species unique to the island.

  • Lemurs together with other distinct plant and animal species

Visitors to the island enjoy their close encounter with the little aye-aye, dancing sifaka, and ring-tailed lemur along with other animals unique to the place. Joining Madagascar group tours allows people to see half of the world’s flora and fauna.

  • Anjajavy Private Reserve

Madagascar surprisingly offers a romantic escapade on a private island on the north east coast. Discover the wilderness together or enjoy the pristine waters of the secluded beaches with the Indian Ocean beyond sight. Anjajavy is exclusively accessible via air transport from Antananarivo, with the Anjajavy Hotel as the premier accommodation.

  • Antananarivo

This historical city amazingly lies over 1,400 meters above sea level, on the three hills of the mountains in the center of Madagascar. Just imagine the cool climate that visitors get to enjoy once they arrive. Developed by the Merina people back in the 17th century, one can find interesting ancient sites including the famous royal palace complex atop Anamanga Hill.

  • Masaola Peninsula

madagascar safarisThe biggest and most expanse of rainforest in Madagascar Islands is the Masaola Peninsula. Declared a national park in 1997, enjoy its protected ecosystems of mangroves, coastal rainforests, beaches, and coral reefs showcasing over 3,000 fish species. Dolphins, green turtles, and Humpback whales can be seen in the waters during July and August. Retire in solitude at the Masaola Forest Lodge, which you can reach via boat or by foot.

  • Berenty Reserve near Fort Dauphin

Barenty Reserve is an exclusive wildlife sanctuary at the southern part. Get to feel Madagascar’s diverse culture by spending some time with the Tandroy tribe who are known for their traditional dances and ancestral tombs.

  • Isalo National Park

This 200,000-acre park is home to more than 80 bird species and 33 reptile species as well as the Bara people known for their unique burial site. Splash in the deep, natural, ancient pool created by a waterfall to contrast the scorching heat of the place.


Top 3 Activities In Madagascar Safaris

There’s a reason why we love Madagascar so much. We find it to be a perfect destination for small groups that may or may not have a sweet spot for photography. Having both options on the table allows us to have one of the best trips that also include some amazing activities. From wildlife encounters to swimming in private beaches, Madagascar offers the same beautiful experiences for photography geeks but also people looking for a relaxing time.

1. Wildlife Encounter

What else can one think of when visiting Madagascar Islands than its vast wildlife? For best photographs of memorable encounters with lemurs, visit Andasibe, Berenty, Anjajavy, Isalo, Ankarafantsika from June to December.

2. Whale Watching

Spend a morning with the Megaptera Whale Research Team and enjoy the migration of these ocean lovelies populating Isle Sainte Marie from July to September.

3. Swimming in the Private Beaches

Besides its fantastic wildlife, another must-do is enjoying its crystal-clear beaches in Ile Sainte-Marie, Anjajavy, Ifaty, Nosy Be.


Single travelers can enjoy Madagascar group tours – an experience one cannot forget for the rest of his life.

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