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 komodo dragon group tours

If you are interested in joining our Bali Adventure, YOU’VE GOT TO CHECK OUT this amazing Komodo Islands Extension. After a truly unique experience throughout the best known and off the path gems in Bali, Lombak, and the Gili Islands, our Komodo Island Group tours extension is the ultimate way to wrap up the journey. Amazing photography opportunities await, not just of the endangered Komodo Dragons (found only here on the entire planet), but unique pink sand beaches, & huge colonies of flying foxes (bats)!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out the main Bali Group Tour!

E-mail us at for the daily itinerary!

 * 4 nights / 5 days throughout the best of the Komodo Islands  

* Extra Night in Ubud to unwind, explore, and get a truer sense of this special town before heading to the land of dragons!

* 2 Nights awesome boutique hotel at the gateway to Komodo Islands
(Labuan Bajo, Flores)

komodo island beach* 1 Night onboard a boat with an air-conditioned cabin to explore the best of these islands, and their endangered creatures.  

* Local English Speaking Guide throughout & Komodo National Park Trekking Rangers. 

* Breakfast Everyday

* 2 Lunches, 2 Dinners (Including Farewell Dinner Celebration)

* Snorkeling Gear

* Round Trip Domestic Flight Included from Bali (DPS) → Labuan Bajo (LBJ) 

 Komodo Islands

Komodo Island Beaches

Of the 17,508 islands that make up the country of Indonesia, three of them are home for the endangered Komodo Dragons (giant monitor lizards) and are surrounded by  an extremely rich marine environment, not to mention stellar dive & snorkel sites recognized as some of the best in the world. For centuries, a local tradition required feeding the dragons by leaving deer parts behind after a hunt or by sacrificing goats. In the past, the practice maintained a friendly relationship with the animals, which can live for more than 50 years and recognize individual humans. Ancient taboos strictly forbid harming the komodos, a key reason they survived here while becoming extinct everywhere else in the world. 

Bali → Labuan Bajo: What started as a small fishing village has become the gateway to the Komodo Islands and an epicenter for travelers to kick off their search for Komodo Dragons!

Labuan Bajo Sunset– Relax, swim, & enjoy the beach at Labuan Bajo: Upon arrival at the LBJ airport, we’ll transfer to the hotel and have the afternoon and evening to explore the small town, relax on the beach, lounge by the pool, and grab a bite to eat before the dragon photography hunt begins in the morning. 

Sail to the Islands of Dragons: Hop on a boat for our journey to the Komodo Islands.

– Explore Rinca Island: A ranger guided trek in search of the Komodo Dragon as well as buffalo, wild boar, monkeys and wild horses. Pass by dragon nests and watering holes for the best chance at sightings with breathtaking views for photography along the way.

– Snorkeling and relaxing on the beach: After our first expedition on Rinca we’ll stop at a nearby island to relax on a sandy white beach and swim or snorkel in the bay.

bats sunset– Kolong Island, Land of Flying Foxes: In the afternoon we’ll head to an island famous for it’s massive colony of flying foxes, which are really giant bats (“Kalong” means “fruit bat”). These magnificent creatures leave the colony at dusk in the thousands and put on a magnificent show (awesome pictures!)

– Komodo Island: Our last opportunity to admire and photograph these rare beasts; another guided trek will take us through savannah and waterholes where deer and wild boars come to drink (and Komodo Dragons often lie and wait…). Short hikes up a few hills afford more panoramic views across the islands, bays, and beaches for great photos. 

– Photograph, swim, & snorkel at Pink Beach: We’ll wrap up the sailing adventure with aPink Beach Toursstop at the nearby Pantai Merah, or Pink Beach as it is rightfully named, to photograph this unique and gorgeous coastal landscape. This peculiar beach gets its color from red coral fragments eroded by the tides and is 1 of only 7 pink beaches in the world! The beach and its cove is not only a blast to photograph, but one of the best snorkel spots in the whole area.

– Back to LBJ: We sail back from Pink Beach to Labuan Bajo for our final night. It would not be complete without a farewell dinner celebration to reminisce about our epic journey through the land of dragons, flying foxes, and pink beaches!

komodo standing* Tour Leader and photographer to help those who want to learn more about using their camera’s, taking better pictures, etc throughout these Komodo Island group tours. (PhotoFly Travel Club adventures are laid back when it comes to photography. They are not workshop style based tours and you do not need to be an avid photographer to join. All are welcome!)

* International Airfare is not included.   We are happy to help you find a good flight as always!

– * Specific departure times needed from Bali’s International Airport (DPS) at the end of the trip will be sent directly to the group.

* All Taxes, Fees, & Transfers Included

* This optional Komodo Islands extension is an add-on to our Best of Bali Group Tours

E-mail us at for the daily itinerary!

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*There is a $100.00 administrative fee for all cancellations. Cancellations made 90 days or more prior to departure are fully refundable except for the $100 fee. Cancellations less than 90 days prior to departure date will receive no refund of full amount due. No refunds on unused portions of the tour. After airline tickets are issued, airline cancellations are per the airline’s policy and are usually non-refundable and changeable with a fee plus new ticket price.

*Hotels subject to change based on availability

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