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If you want an adventure mixed with breathtaking landscapes, historical references, and welcoming locals, then Ireland should be your next travel destination. There is so much to see and do in this small island that many visitors find themselves coming back.

One of the most popular destinations in Ireland is The Cliffs of Moher. You may have already seen this natural attraction in postcards and travel magazines. It is an awe-inspiring stop to your Ireland group tours. Then of course there is Grafton Street in Dublin the perfect spot to start your Ireland photography adventure. It is a colorful strip that features flower sellers, buskers, and talented performing artists.

However, if you would like to veer away from the crowds and check off-the-beaten-path destinations, then read on. Below are some unique things to do in Ireland:

1. Visit the Birth Place of the Titanic

Have you ever wondered where the Ship of Dreams was built? This popular ship was born in Belfast. In this city, the Titanic is more than just a popular cultural attraction. It is etched in their history books and has taken a special place in the hearts of the locals. Head to Edwardian-era Thompson Dry Dock where it all began. Join Titanic tours to trace the Titanic’s story—from creation to its unfortunate end. 

2. Stay in a Castle

Ireland is home to so many magnificent castles, most dating back to hundreds of years. Thankfully, many of these castles have been converted as hotels where guests can stay and relive their history. Ashford Castle in County Mayo is considered one of the best hotels in the world. It is surrounded by lush landscapes and is equipped with three restaurants, a spa, and a golf course. If your budget allows it, it is worth staying in this castle even for just one night.

3. Go on a Photography Adventure in Dublin

Dublin is known for the energy of its nightlife and culture. However, beyond these, Dublin is every photographer’s dream come true. With its offering of vast landscapes, cliff tops, and green fields—Dublin is a beauty through the lens. Among places to visit include Poolbeg Lighthouse (a striking red lighthouse looking out to see), Hawk Cliff (especially best to photograph at dawn), and Samuel Beckett Bridge. 

The above are just some of the must-visit Irish travel destinations. A single list is not enough to encompass all the wonderful attractions you should include in your Ireland group tours.

Now, after checking in in Ireland, why don’t you head over to its neighbor (and equally stunning) Scotland?

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