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The Best Thing About Joining Cambodia Group Tours

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If you are searching for a destination that is packed with both extraordinary history and breathtaking land- and seascapes, then Cambodia is the right place for you. Surely, you have already heard about this beautiful gem officially known as the Kingdom of Cambodia located in the southern part of the Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia. The country boasts of untouched beaches, lush landscapes, colorful history, humble and comforting cuisine, and gentle people.

cambodia group tours

Cambodia is especially popular for the Angkor Wat—dubbed as the largest monument ever built. The Angkor Wat temple is so iconic and is almost synonymous to Cambodia itself. However, for one to truly experience the history behind this pillar, it is also worth visiting the entire city of Angkor, which is the capital of the Khmer empire in the 9th to 15th century. Set in a thick jungle, the ruins of Angkor transports you back to the history of the empire. Every temple is intricately designed and constructed. For example, the Bayon Temple in Angkor Thom features 216 enormous stone heads that stare at you from every direction. The experience is remarkable and immersive and makes every Cambodia photography adventure unforgettable.

But more than Angkor, what are other reasons for one to choose Cambodia group tours?

Cambodia Highlights and Features

1. Go on a food tour

travel to cambodiaAlthough Cambodian cuisine is not as popular as that of Thailand or Vietnam, the country still has a lot of unique and delicious dishes to offer. Get to know Cambodia’s culinary tradition and try out food such as Prahok, a fermented fish paste that is common and loved by locals.

For a more adventurous gastronomic experience, try their deep-fried tarantulas which you can easily find at the night market. Those who have tried this dish say it tastes a lot like soft-shelled crab, except hairier. It is unusual, and all the more worth trying.

2. Enjoy a Phare Circus Show

Phare is a company of local Cambodian performers who employ theater, dance, music, and circus arts to showcase the Kingdom’s fascinating history. It is an enriching experience that will give your trip more depth and meaning. Understand how Cambodia came to be the way it is now by sitting through one of these incredible shows.

3. See houses on stilts

Visiting floating villages is slowly becoming a favorite activity for those visiting Cambodia—and it is easy to see why. Going around these communities helps you get in touch with the captivating daily lives of the locals. Kampong Khleang is among the many floating villages near Siem Reap. This village is home to over a thousand families or more or less 6000 people. Interact with locals and capture stilt houses as far as your eyes can see.

4. Document every moment

One of the reasons why photographers love to visit Cambodia is because they can capture scenes that they will probably never see elsewhere. When you are on the Cambodia group tours, be sure to charge your cameras (or carry as many films as you could) because you will want to take a photo of everything. There is so much life wherever you look, making this country a favorite subject of photo enthusiasts.

cambodia group travelThese are just some of the many great things you can do in Cambodia. Other than those listed above, you should also include in your itinerary a visit to its pristine beaches and absorbing local markets.

This trip will finally check off half of your Thailand and Cambodia travel bucket list. If you want to experience the best from both countries, don’t forget that we’re organizing Great Kingdoms: Cambodia & Thailand trips almost every year. Check our trips page for more information.

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