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fiji group tour

Isolated Island Paradise: Fiji Group Tours

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fiji group tour

With more than 300 islands, this archipelago in the South Pacific sure has enough fun things to explore and experience. Known for its rugged landscapes, pristine beaches, and clear lagoons, Fiji is slowly becoming a favorite among tourists who wish to travel off the beaten path.

Fiji group tours are really just synonymous to exploring paradise. With the amount of things to do, you will wish you could stay longer.

Fiji Highlights and Features

1. Watch locals walk on fire

Sure, this is not your typical first stop but as many would say, “when in Fiji…” This activity is part of the South Indian fire-walking festival at the Mariamma Temple, usually in July and August. Although this was originally practiced only on the island of Berqa, tourists can now witness fire walking all year round at the Pacific Harbour Arts Village. Think of this as an opportunity to appreciate the indigenous people who have worked tirelessly to make Fiji the island paradise it is today.

fiji group tour2. Wander around Lau Group

For many of us, one of the reasons why we go on vacation is so we can temporarily get away from the noise of our hectic working lives. So just imagine how un-welcome it must feel to find yourself among noisy tourists. Thankfully, Fiji has enough islands for everybody. Lau Group is perhaps our favorite. This is a treal, untouched paradise, away from large resorts, crowded restaurants, and busy roads. Spend quiet days snorkeling, swimming, diving, or island hopping. Sigh. Paradise indeed.

3. Hike along sand dunes

There is something so absolutely stunning about this setup—vast sand dunes against the gorgeous blue sea—that makes the two-hour hike more than worth it. The trail will not only take you through the dunes, but also lead you through a mahogany forest. It is a nature exposure that is worth a spot in your Fiji photography adventure. Your guides can also tell you about the ancient burial site that has seen traces of human habitation from almost 3,000 years ago.

fiji group tour

4. Zip the giant line

If you are bored of the typical strolling-on-the-beach adventure, Fiji has an answer that will give you just the right amount of adrenaline. The Sleeping Giant Zipline, accessible from Port Denarau and Nadi, is perhaps one of the most exciting Fiji travel destinations. The park offers you a chance to zip over 1.3 km of tree canopies. It is also known for being safe, making it excellent even for first timers. After the exhilarating ride, you can enjoy a refreshing hike through Orchid Falls and Jungle Safari. This destination has no space for boredom.

If only we have enough days in the year to explore all the islands in Fiji, wouldn’t that make all Fiji group tours a blast? But for now, let’s enjoy this paradise slowly and one day at a time.

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