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Iceland Group Tour

Iceland Packing List & Trip Prep

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Please PACK LIGHT!!!!


We’ll be moving around throughout the tour and there are luggage restrictions for our included domestic flights (for those doing North Iceland Extension). Please do your best to keep your luggage to 1 medium sized suitcase & 1 smaller carry on size. An additional backpack/camera bag is OK.

We will be traveling in specially outfitted 4×4 Mercedes Sprinters with limited room for luggage storage. If you bring a large size suitcase, bigger than the ones in the below image, we will not be able to fit them in the vehicle and you will be forced leave it behind for the entire trip in Reykjavik.

You cannot bring luggage larger than 24”as shown above

BAGGAGE ALLOWANCES (Extension Guests Only)

CHECKED BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE (1 checked bag): The maximum weight for CHECKED BAG: 20 kg (44 lbs)

CARRY-ON BAGGAGE ALLOWANCE: The maximum weight for CARRY-ON BAG(S): 6 kg (13 lbs)


Weather in Iceland is crazy (for lack of a better term). As we road trip our way throughout a good portion of the country the weather can and will change drastically from day to day. We will be there during their fall so overall we should have good weather (for Iceland).

September: Average Low: 42°F/ Average High: 52°F

The month of September usually marks the end of summer and the not-so-slow descent into winter for Icelanders. This is a good month to travel to Iceland if you want to skip the peak tourist crowds that usually visit during summer peak months. As beautiful as Iceland is in the summer time, Iceland’s winter cannot be missed. If you can put up with the colder weather, you will be rewarded with fewer people and getting to witness Iceland’s landscape begin to brace for the famous winter weather, creating a beautiful contrast of colors as the green recedes and black lava rocks stand out. The striking contrast is truly unforgettable. *Iceland is famous for its quick weather changes, so don’t be surprised if one day you wake up to 25°F OR even temperatures in the high 60’s (around 20°C). You can prepare but you can’t really know exactly what the weather will do.

October: Average Low: 35°F/ Average High: 45°F

October is a period of transition in Iceland: the colors of the fall are in full swing, and the landscape begins to change in other ways too, adding extra drama to the view. Spectacular scenery awaits. The fall in Iceland sits on the shoulder of the low season, the main benefit of which is smaller crowds at popular spots: you may just have a few spots all to yourself if you are willing to brave the colder weather. Photography is also perfect in October since you won’t need to compete with anyone for picture-perfect spots. Travelers in October will also be rewarded with excellent opportunities for viewing the Northern Lights. This a beautiful time for Iceland.

Plug Adapters

Plug Type: Basic plug adapter is all you need. Only need power converter if bringing your own hair dryer. See link below for images and more details:



Icelandic Króna (ISK) ( 1 USD = 107.031 ISK (average)

*There is no need to exchange money before the trip. Plenty of banks & ATMs can be found in most regions we’ll be visiting. We recommend exchanging a small amount of cash on arrival at the airport to hold you over for the first day. .

How much $$$ to bring: Iceland is not cheap unfortunately and the exchange rate is not in our favor right now! Average daily food costs will range from 60-105.00 USD per person/per day. Credit cards are the preferred method of payment and accepted at 99% of the restaurants and establishments in each area we’ll be visiting. **Be sure to bring enough extra cash for tipping as well (see below)
*We recommend bringing at least 500 USD in cash with you for the trip.


We recommend 10.00-15.00 USD per day for our guides and 5.00 per day for our drivers.Tipping for luggage porters (1.00 USD per bag) and maid service (2-3.00 USD per day).

* Tipping for everything else is NOT necessary. That being said, taxi drivers, wait staff, etc. will not say no to a tip. But anything more than 5% to 10% would be considered extraordinary.


Recommended Packing List

Clothing: LAYERS is the name of the game here!

• Sturdy, comfortable, and supportive waterproof hiking shoes (Sneakers OK if good traction, waterproofed, and are comfortable for long walks/hiking)
• 3-4 T-shirts (quick dry preferred)
• 2-3 Thermal short and long sleeve shirts
• 3-4 Thermal underwear/Thermal Long Johns
• Sun hat with brim/ baseball cap
• Winter hat that covers your ears
• Winter Gloves
• 2-3 Pair Pants (quick dry preferred)
• 1 Pair Shorts (quick dry preferred)
• Long-sleeved tops (quick dry preferred)
Medium-weight fleece/warm jacket
• Water and windproof jacket/rain jacket (with hood)
• Synthetic hiking socks (quick dry preferred)
• 1 Bathing suit
• Sunglasses
• 1 pair sandals or lightweight comfortable footwear

• Toothpaste
• Toothbrush
• Moisturizer
• Sunblock (SPF 15 or higher)
• High factor sunblock lip balm

Personal Items

• Travel Insurance cards/confirmation (if you purchased)
• Large & small ziplock bags to protect cameras and other technology in rain
• Camera, lenses, extra batteries, extra memory cards and related gear (tripod optional but great to have for the amazing landscapes!)
• Heavy-duty one liter capacity water bottle and/or water bladder
• Small flashlight/headlamp
• Earplugs- Especially if sharing room!!
• Your medicine (labeled)
• Bonine/Motion Sickness Wrist Bands (for car sickness during long drives)
• Plastic bags for wet clothing
• Money Belt
• Insect repellent
• After bite
• Personal Contacts Address list (e-mail & emergency contact info)
• Travel towel (quick dry)
• Headlamp/flashlight
• Anti-bacterial hand lotion
• Small daypack

First aid kit including:

  • Prescription medicines
  • Anti-diarrheal
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Antibiotic cream
  • Ace bandage
  • Pain reliever
  • Lip balm
  • Band-aids


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