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A Country Of Contrasts: Iceland Group Tours

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Iceland Group Tour

Iceland is every wanderer’s dream come true. A literal land of fire and ice, it boasts of attractions that are in contrast to each other. It is best known for its landscapes where molten lava erupts from ice and rivers run through deserts. The natural elements in Iceland seem to tease each other, with long winter nights and equally long summer days.

So where exactly does one go when on a trip to Iceland? What do you prioritize in a destination that offers so much? Typical Iceland group tours will most probably take you to see the Northern Lights or along the popular sightseeing route in South Coast. These tours will also most likely bring you to the Blue Lagoon, the country’s most well-known geothermal spa.

However, there is still so much to see in Iceland beyond the usual tourist-packed path. Below are some unique Iceland travel destinations.

Iceland Highlights and Features

Iceland Group Tour1. Go inside an ice cave

No Iceland photography adventure is complete without a visit to at least one of Iceland’s many ice caves. This natural phenomenon is simply extraordinary. When you are in an ice cave, you are literally standing inside a glacier. They vary in color too—from crystal clear and turquoise to deep blues and even at times violet. The occasional noise of ice creaking will remind you of the ice cave’s impermanence. Every ice cave is precious and rare, because these caverns do not last very long. By the time summer comes, most of these ice caves will undergo erosion.

Iceland Group Tour2. Snorkel between two continents

This is an adventure especially made for the most passionate global traveler. How often can you say that you have snorkeled between two continents? Iceland offers this one-of-a-kind experience when you snorkel in the Silfra fissure, the crack between the American and Eurasian continental plates. Thanks to the extremely clear water, visibility can reach more than 100 meters. PADI license holders can even go diving in the crystalline water. We do have to warn you that it tends to get exceptionally cold.

3. Explore unusual museums

There are so many natural destinations in Iceland that the man-made ones often get ignored. However, if you want to add more spice into your travel, set out to see some of Iceland’s unusual museums. There’s the largest whale museum in Europe (packed with full-size models of different whales), the Sigurgeirs Bird Museum (which houses 330 stuffed birds), and Library of Water (featuring water from Iceland’s 24 glaciers including Ok Glacier, which has since entirely melted).

Iceland Group Tour4. Learn more about elves

There are reportedly thirteen types of elves dwelling in Iceland, and you can get to know them better at Álfaskólinn (or simply, Elf School). These elves, or “Hidden People,” typically reside in boulders and rocks throughout Iceland. More than a school to learn about elves, the class will help you gain a better understanding of the country’s unique culture and beliefs. Then, you can brag to your friends about attending Elf School with your official certificate.

Indeed, narrowing down your list of places to go in Iceland is a challenge, mostly because there are just so much to see and do. Joining Iceland Group Tours is a hassle-free way to experience this beautiful country. Sign up with Photofly Travel Club now!

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