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Havana Oh Na Na: Cuba Group Tours

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cuba group tour

Lately, Cuba has been on almost everyone’s travel bucket list. It is the topic of animated conversations, which usually begin with the question: “Where do you want to go?” Indeed, Cuba has become a favorite destination for many, all partly thanks to popular culture and its undeniably rich history.

History. If there is one thing Cuba is known for—this is it. The country’s rich historical roots play as a backdrop to a one-of-a-kind cultural experience. Furthermore, its history also takes center stage, as one walks its many coasts, streets, and neighborhoods.

Of course, your typical Cuba group tours will most likely take you on a tour around Havana, the capital of Cuba. Places to see include The Malecón, otherwise known as the Vegas of Cuba. This part of Havana is the place to be from sunset to sunrise. Then there is the mandatory visit to the University of Havana, serving over 60,000 students. This university was the Castro brothers’ alma matter and was the hub of major anti-government protests. This has become the center of the country’s contemporary youth culture.

However, if you want to skip these touristy Cuba travel destinations, then check out the list below to discover Cuba’s hidden gems.

Cuba Highlights and Features

1. Relive your childhood fantasy in this dreamy folk-art kingdom

cuba group tourJaimanitas was an economically depressed area just outside of Havana, but thanks to local artist José Fuster, the neighborhood is alive and thriving. Inspired by Gaudi’s work in Barcelona, Fuster decided to create his own Fusterlandia in his hometown. Today, Fusterlandia is a whimsical neighborhood covered with enchanting and colorful mosaic. Everything is covered in beautiful tile creations—from doctor’s offices, fountains, and benches to bus stops. It is a dreamy destination worthy of becoming a subject of your Cuba photography adventure.

2. Visit what was once the trendiest neighborhood in Cuba

After setting foot in the whimsical Fusterlandia, it is time to get a glimpse of what was once the trendiest neighborhood in the country. Vedado, in Central Havana, is a residential area known for its grand buildings and 20-century mansions. Today, you can still wander the streets and marvel at the palatial structures, although many of these are now unfortunately crumbling. Find colonial-era buildings as well as interesting architecture characteristic of the 1960s and 1970s.

3. Escape the crowd to the eastern tip of the country

cuba group tourIf solitude is what you wanted to get out of your Cuban adventure, then worry no more. Venture to the eastern tip of Cuba and visit one of its oldest towns, Baracoa. What makes this town unique is its history—it was once completely isolated from the rest of the country until in the 1960s when a road was built. Explore lush forests, experience authentic Afro-Caribbean culture and cuisine, stroll empty and pristine beaches, and taste the freshest seafood. No wonder this little town is known as the best “undiscovered destination in Cuba.”

What can you ask for? Cuba offers so many experiences that a single visit will not be enough. Sign up for our Cuba group tour for an adventure that you will never forget.

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