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Going Off the Beaten Path: Denmark Group Tours

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When one thinks of Denmark, images of Vikings, the Little Mermaid, and colorful brick houses often come to mind. We also are aware of its reputation as among the happiest places in the world. There are so many good and positive things in this darling European country that it is no wonder people come here and be reminded of their giddy, younger selves again.

However, Denmark is more than just fairytale land. It is also home to some of the most beautiful sprawling landscapes, historic castles, stunning architecture, and diverse wildlife. The outdoor adventures that await you on your Denmark group tours will instantly make this Scandinavian country worth coming back for.

Are you ready for some fun? Here are some of our favorite Denmark travel destinations and activities.

Denmark Highlights and Features

1. Visit Grundtvig’s Church

This is by far one of the most distinctive churches in the world. Built and designed by master architect Peder Vilhelm Jensen-Klint just after World War I to honor the 19th century Danish philosopher N.F.S. Grundtvig, it is made up of 6 million yellow bricks and resembles the shape of a church organ. The church is 259 feet long with the nave soaring 72 feet high, and is a combination of several building styles, from Gothic architecture to geometric expressionism and traditional Danish styles. Seeing it in pictures is one thing, but actually standing in front of it is a whole other experience. That being said, we highly recommend adding this attraction to your Denmark photography adventure.

2. Circumnavigate the world on foot

Sounds like a far-fetched idea, right? But in Denmark, it is truly possible thanks to Verdenskortet (in English, Map of the World). Located in Hobro, visitors can literally walk across the world in minutes and enjoy a good cup of coffee in the nearby café right after. But what is even more impressive is the fact that this outdoor atlas was made solely from soil and stone by one man. The entire map measures 45 by 90 meters. You can play a game of minigolf by the shore or paddle rowboats in its little Pacific Ocean.

3. Go to the beach

Denmark is known for never being more than 52 kilometers from the ocean. The country has a lot of beaches, but there is only one like Møns Klint. It is a natural wonder in the south of Denmark that offers an attraction so different from what typical beach goers often see. You begin in an ancient thick forest, full of twisting tree trunks and hills. The forest is so old, fossils are found here. As you descend the steep staircase, a spectacular view of towering white cliffs against the teal sea greets you. There are many things you can do here: camping, kayaking, or hiking, among others. There is also a visitor center if you wish to know more about the fossils and rocks found in the area. Or you can just simply sit and listen to the undisturbed sound of the waves on the rocky beach. In Møns Klint, time seems to stop. It is the perfect culmination to an adventure-filled trip in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

There is one thing many joiners of Denmark group tours have in common: they always find themselves coming back. It is such a charming country that continues to surprise you again and again and again.

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