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The Great Galapagos Small Group Tours

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All Inclusive!

     Galapagos Land and Cruise galapagos tortoise

The Galapagos is virtually a household name throughout the entire world, and for good reason. Anyone with a love for nature, science, wildlife, snorkeling, diving, hiking, photography, or just plain adventure, should have this iconic destination at the top of their bucket list. We are thrilled to have created an experience that is a glorious blend of luxury, adventure, & up close and personal experiences! Our 2017 trip sold out in 2 days last year and was an amazing experience. Don’t miss this one in spring 2018!

Galapagos Landscapes

The Galapagos is an “up-market” destination, and unfortunately getting there is no inexpensive feat. Take a look at the details below and you will see that our small group trip is arguably the best deal out their when you factor everything we have been able to include!

Please e-mail us for the day by day itinerary (

The Great Galapagos 

* 7 days of Darwin’s Diversity galapagos volcanos

* 3 nights/4 days at the unique and remote Scalesia Lodge (Luxury Tented Camps at their finest!)

* 3 nights/4 days aboard our very own luxurious private yacht the Coral II!

* All Inclusive (6 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 6 dinners)

* Round trip domestic flight Included (Guayaquil (GYE) –> Galapagos (GPS), 450.00-550.00 USD value) 

* All Snorkel Gear Included throughout

Part 1: Isabela Island

Isabela Isle is the largest of the most unique island chain in the world! A volcanic creation, Isabela came to be from the merging of 6 different volcanoes (5 are still active!). From one of a kind snorkeling and diving, to epic landscapes culminating in panoramic views at the top of volcanic craters, we’ll start this journey off right!  

Scalesia deals

Scalesia Lodge will be our home away from home and by the end of our time here, we’ll have to be dragged away to the next destination! Located in the highlands of Isabela Island on the slopes of a volcano, the modern, luxurious, safari-style tent resort (“glamping” at it’s finest!) is in the middle of a 40 acre property of magical forest, and spectacular views of the coast & other islands of Galapagos which dot the horizon

* “Tintoreras” Snorkeling Experience: The spanish name comes from the white tip reef sharks “Tintoreras” which are frequently seen galapagos sea starin this area. This is a perfect place to practice snorkeling and have a great chance of encountering sea lions, marine iguanas, & penguins!

* Los Humedales Mangrove Excursion: Explore the natural complex with various trails among this biologically significant mangrove environment. Aside from the four different species of mangroves, we’ll have the opportunity to see and photograph pink flamingos and other rare birds. The entire area is dotted with solitary beaches, lava tunnels, natural pools, & estuaries fantastic for landscape shots!

* Active Volcano Adventure: Isabela’s most well known land phenomenons areIsabela volcano galapagos the highly active volcanoes which created the island. Sierra Negra is one of the most active volcanoes of the archipelago and most recently erupted in 2005. The volcano’s crater is considered the second largest in the world with a diameter of over 6 miles! Volcano Chico in the distance is also highly active with sulfur vents dotting the landscape.

* Sucre´s Cave: One of the most enchanting caves in the Galapagos, we’ll take in nature’s beauty in the surrounding area, and if we’re lucky, spot a couple giant Galapagos Tortoises before entering the small abyss.galapagos penguin Unique volcanic formations dot the cave and make for good photographs while we learn about the importance of the flora that grow here. 

* El Mirador del Mango Lookout: Hike to this incredible viewpoint overlooking the southern side of Isabela Island’s stunning vista! Get the cameras out to shoot the dazzling yellow warblers and mango trees, found only here in the entire archipelago. 

* Puerto Villamil Beach: We’ll have time to relax and explore the most famous beach on the island. Dig your toes into the white sands or walk the beach and surroundings in search of creatures unknown to the rest of the world. Marine iguanas, the bright red rock crab, & a variety of other lizards love this area…

Part II: Private Luxury Yacht Island Hopping

Our next experience is very special. We’ll board our very own private cruising yacht and embark on a journey throughout the eastern Galapagos Islands. Aboard the Coral II, we’ll live in the perfect combination of classic beauty and exquisite style. Built in Holland, the ship surpasses all the standards you would expect from a high-class yacht,  providing a slightly larger than average (and therefore more stable) cruising vessel while maintaining the friendly atmosphere of a small expedition yacht.

Coral II Galapagos tours

Every cabin features handsome wood decoration, along with air-conditioning, a private bathroom, safe deposit box, telephone, and your choice of background music. Additionally, the Coral has plenty of room to relax with three sundecks (some shaded), a jacuzzi, comfortable dining room, and lounge. Our very own naturalist guide, captain, and full board service staff will pamper us throughout!

coral cabin coral loung3 coral jacuz

*Since we are chartering this amazing boat just for our travel club, the rooms range from standard, standard plus, & jr. suite. The first guests to sign up will automatically be placed in the standard plus rooms. The Jr. Suites have a total supplement of 275.00 USD per person (a ridiculous steal!) and first to submit deposit & request these rooms will get them. *More details on rooms within the daily itinerary- E-mail us!

* Highlands & Tortoise Reserve: Journeying across Santa Cruz into the highlands, we’ll be delighted by the variety of life and geology. Santa Exctint TortoiseCruz Island offers excellent opportunities for viewing wild giant tortoises, both roaming through pastures in the agricultural zone and in the El Chato Tortoise Reserve.  The pond at El Chato is surrounded by forest where short-eared owls, Darwin’s finches, Vermilion Flycatchers, Yellow Warblers, Galapagos Rails, and Paint-billed Crakes can also be seen. Walk into the forest overgrown with lichens & ferns, and listen carefully for the sound of heavy footsteps and shrubs being slowly crushed as the tortoises make their way through the brush!

* Dragon Hill: Bright, pink flamingos thrive as we walk by a brackish lagoon to the trail which leads across typical dry zone vegetation. Dragon Hill is an important nesting ground  for endemic land iguanas, not to mention incredible views & photograph opportunities of the red iguanaanchored boats and neighboring islands at the top. The surrounding forest is home to mockingbirds, Darwin’s finches, yellow warblers, and Galapagos doves.

* Bartolome Island: Formed  by different volcanic parasitic cones known as lava bombs, spatter, & cinder cones, the combination will feel as if we are walking on the moon. En-route to the summit, impressive views of the surrounding islands, including the eroded tuff cone Pinnacle Rock  make for incredible & iconic panoramic photographs. We’ll alsoBest Galapagos Landscapes  encounter & photograph marine iguanas, lava lizards, and blue-footed boobies along the way. Next, we’ll make our way down to the beach for snorkeling and a chance to see the famous Galapagos Penguins, sea turtles, and White-tipped Reef Sharks among a great variety of colorful fish.

* Rabida Island: Dark-red sand covers the uniquered beaches  beaches of Rabida, home to thriving sea lions colonies. This island is considered the epicenter of the Galapagos due to the diversity of its volcanic geology. Nine species of the famous Darwin’s finches can also be found here. We’ll take a dinghy ride along marine cliffs to observe nesting seabirds & then jump into the water for a snorkel off the coast where marine life is particularly active. 

* Santiago Island; “Buccaneers Cove” & Espumilla Beach: This is an amazing location due to the remains of an eroded shoreline, home to seabirds, fur seals,Buccaneers Cove Tours Galapagos and playful Galapagos Sea Lions. Photograph these beautiful creatures along with the cove’s unique shapes created by wave and wind erosion. The white, sandy Espumilla Beach nearby is in James Bay where mangroves and a small palo santo forest lead to salty-water lagoons home to wading birds like pink flamingos. We’ll visit and photograph a nesting site for sea turtles in the upper dunes of this area before another great snorkel to search for rays

* Black Turtle Cove: Back on the north shore of Santa Cruz Island and accessible only by sea,  four species of mangrove crowd and form an internal lagoon & turtle sanctuary where sea turtles visit the calm waters. Peaking their heads above the surface,  fish & rays circle below and White-tipped reef sharks can be seen beneath the boat along with sea birds including pelicans, herons, and egrets

blue boob* As always this entire trip will be amazing for photography and our tour leader will be on hand to help those who want to learn more about using their camera’s, taking better pictures, etc. (PhotoFly Travel Club adventures are laid back when it comes to photography. They are not workshop style based tours and you do not need to be an avid photographer to join. All are welcome!)

* All Ground & Water Transfers Included

* Round trip domestic flight Included (Guayaquil (GYE) –> Galapagos (GPS), 450.00-550.00 USD value)

* International airfare not included but we’re happy to help you find the best flights as always. (Flying into & out of GYE)

*Don’t forget to e-mail us for the day by day itinerary of these Galapagos small group tours (

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*There is a $100.00 administrative fee for all cancellations. Cancellations made 90 days or more prior to departure are fully refundable except for the $100 fee. Cancellations less than 90 days prior to departure date will receive no refund of full amount due. No refunds on unused portions of the tour. After airline tickets are issued, airline cancellations are per the airline’s policy and are usually non-refundable and changeable with a fee plus new ticket price.

*Hotels subject to change based on availability

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