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alaska group tour

Exploring the Last Frontier: Alaska Group Tours

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alaska group tour

Oh, Alaska. Where do we even begin? The national parks as big as actual cities. Stunning, otherworldly glaciers. Diverse wildlife. Spectacular cruises. The list just goes on and on and on… In fact, seasoned travelers would tell you that you can spend your entire lifetime exploring Alaska without going to the same place twice.

alaska group tourIt is no wonder then that Alaska group tours are a favorite among those seeking for “the great perhaps.” The adventure that awaits is guaranteed to be incomparable.

Alaska Highlights and Features

1. Mendenhall Glacier

What is a list about Alaska without mentioning the Mendenhall Glacier? This is easily one of the must-visit Alaska travel destinations, and for a good reason. It flows 13 miles from its source and culminates at Mendenhall Lake. Visiting the glacier on a sunny day means enjoying the marriage of the blue skies and the snowcapped mountains in the background. However, the cloudy and drizzling afternoon offers a whole other experience—during this time, the ice turns a majestic shade of blue! It is a necessary stop in your Alaska photography adventure.

2. Denali

Formerly Mount McKinley, Denali is the “pinnacle of Alaska and of North America.” In the Athabaskan language, Denali means “The Great One,” and rightfully so. For years, this mountain, at 20,237 feet above sea level, has been on many mountaineers’ bucket list. The standard alaska group tourroute for climbing is the West Buttress Route, a 16-mile route that elevates over 12,000 feet. However, climbing Denali is not for the faint of heart. Climbers must be in their best shape and be well-versed in climbing glaciers and snow. Now if you are not one (yet), there is another way to witness its impressive peak. There are pullouts along Parks Highway and a bus ride to Wonder Lake and Reflection Pond that allow you to take photos and gawk at the mountain rising above the continent.

3. Adak “National Forest”

One word to describe the Alaskan landscape is expansive. However, this next destination is quite the opposite of such word. A remnant of an unsuccessful military tree planting program, Adak National Forest is the smallest “national forest” in America with only 33 trees. It is peculiar how these trees were able to survive the harsh climate of the island. Regardless of the size (or perhaps because of it), this national forest is still worthy of visiting. It is a welcome sight in the vast treeless terrain. And in December, the local Aleuts decorate the whole forest. Now, isn’t that just wonderful?

4. Haines Brewing Company

alaska group tourHere’s the perfect reward for having traversed the gorgeous Last Frontier: a visit to one of the finest breweries in the country. Haines Brewing Company has opened a new tasting room in Haines, featuring a lovely wood and glass structure that serves local favorites like the Elder Rock Red and Black Fang Stout. The sensation of the fresh beer quenching your thirst after a long day feels like a gentle pat on the back.

Alaska group tours truly offer so much. It is the perfect combination of big and small destinations. There is always, always something for everybody!

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