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Experience a Different Adventure with Galapagos Group Tours

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The Galapagos archipelago is synonymous with high biodiversity and scientific significance. Located in the Pacific Ocean, about 1,000 kilometers from the South American continent, the 19 islands consisting this archipelago are dubbed as a one-of-a-kind “living museum and showcase of evolution.” These islands are home to numerous endemic species—making them a must-visit for every traveler and adventurer.

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These volcanic islands caught the attention of Charles Darwin in the 1800s and became the inspiration for his Theory of Evolution by natural selection. Seismic and volcanic activities, as well as their isolation, made the islands a sanctuary for unusual plant and animal life. Here we can find flightless cormorants, marine iguanas, huge cacti, giant tortoises, and endemic trees, among others.

However, you do not have to be a biology enthusiast or a Charles Darwin fan to enjoy Galapagos Group Tours. There are countless things to do in the islands—a single trip might not even be enough.

Galapagos Highlights and Features

albatros visit galapagos1. Explore the unique wildlife

As mentioned, wildlife in the Galapagos is extraordinary. The islands’ remoteness has made them an ideal home for various species (many you surely will not find anywhere else). That is why all Galapagos group tours should include enough time to explore up close the archipelagos’ species.

2. Visit the Twin Sink Holes

In the highlands of Santa Cruz Island lie twin “craters” collectively known as Los Gemelos, whose formation came about from the collapse of the land beneath. Its beauty is unlike no other thanks to the striking contrast between the gray volcanic walls and the lush green vegetation surrounding the formation. This site and many others is the perfect spot for an incredible Galapagos photography adventure.

3. Marvel at the fascinating Lava Tubes

Other than Los Gemelos, Santa Cruz Island also offers another distinct formation—lava tubes. These are lava-formed tunnels that are nothing short of beautiful. After an eruption subsides, the lava is drained out, leaving behind hollow chambers. These chambers are kilometers long and absolutely breathtaking. The lava tubes are especially perfect for those seeking a little challenge as the floors are a bit slippery and may require some crawling.

visit galapagos sea lion4. Play with sea lions

If sea lions are your thing, La Loberia located in San Cristobal Island is a must-visit destination. You will get the chance to watch baby lions and even swim amongst them. Creatures like iguanas and frigates also reside on this island, giving you more reason to make this a stop in your Galapagos private luxury yacht island hopping.

5. Get personal with the underwater world

The marine life in the Galapagos islands is a picture-perfect paradise boasting of colorful fishes, whale sharks, eagle rays, sea turtles, and much more. That is why it is an absolute must to include scuba diving and/or snorkeling in your itinerary. It does not even matter which specific island you go to—every stop has its distinct underwater utopia to offer.

A trip to the Galapagos archipelago is an entirely different adventure. You get to encounter rare species and stand in awe at the marvelous creation of Mother Nature. The above highlights are just some of the things you can experience in the islands. This destination is perfect for both solo and group travelers. So what are you waiting for? Join Galapagos group tours and have your view of the natural world be changed entirely.

By the way, don’t forget about our All Inclusive Galapagos Trip (we usually do it every year, but please contact us if you don’t see it on the calendar!).

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