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Eastern Europe group tour

Eastern Europe Group Tours: Exploring the Other Side

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Eastern Europe group tour

Europe has a certain kind of allure that makes many of us want to come back again and again and again. However, most tourists have a very specific idea of Europe. Mentions often conjure images of the Eiffel Tower or of London and the other more popular destinations of the western side.

But oh Eastern Europe—this unexplored region that almost always gets overlooked because of its more popular neighbor—is worth exploring, too!

Below, we have put together some destinations that must be in your Eastern Europe group tours itinerary.

Eastern Europe Highlights and Features

1. Pravčice Gate of Czech Republic

Eastern Europe group tourEurope is quite popular for its bridges, but did you know that the largest natural bridge in the continent is found in Czech Republic, in the town of Hřensko? This natural bridge is a gigantic sandstone arch stretching nearly 90 feet wide and 50 feet high. The arch is part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains located in the České Švýcarsko National Park on the border of Germany. On its side is a gorgeous chateau that used to house important guests, but has been preserved and turned into a restaurant and museum. It is the perfect setting for your Czech Republic photography adventure, especially as the bridge catches the golden light from the sunset.

2. The Painted Village of Poland

There are several words we can use to describe this Polish town, and quaint and charming are definitely the first two. Appropriately dubbed as “The Painted Village,” this little village in the town of Zalipie has established a habit of painting flowers on just about everything—from the doghouses to barns to stoves to actual homes. While the theory on the origin of this tradition is not yet fully supported, it is said that villagers have been doing it for almost a hundred years. The floral patterns give the town its distinct charm, and anyone on a Poland photography adventure should never miss the chance to capture this village.

3. Bigar Waterfall of Romania

Eastern Europe group tourYour Romania photography adventure will take you to this unusual water feature. While most waterfalls are loud and imposing, the Bigar Waterfall in Caras-Severin county in west Romania looks so soft and lovely, locals have called it “the miracle from the Minis Canyon.” And what a miraculous sight it is, indeed! The waterfall is located on the Mini River and is almost eight meters high. The green carpet of moss and the fat, rounded stone give this waterfall its ethereal and delicate quality. It is quite like a giant natural veil draping over a rounded stone. It is no surprise then that this is considered as the number one interesting waterfall in Romania.

Whether you are looking for a natural attraction or a man made destination, Eastern Europe has you covered. The Eastern Europe travel experience is unique, less crowded, and overall charming.

So what are you waiting for? Do yourself a favor and sign up for Eastern Europe group tours!

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