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Discovering the Mother City’s Charms: Cape Town Group Tours

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cape town group tour

Are you looking to get away? Far away? To a land of vast beauty with expanses as far as the eye can see? Why yes, of course! All the best things you can imagine to help you recharge or reset are found at the very heart of South Africa.

cape town group tourNow, there are so many reasons why Cape Town was voted Best City in the world by The Telegraph, and the Cape Town travel destinations listed below are just a few examples.

Cape Town Highlights and Features

1. Table Mountain

Most Cape Town group tours include a climb or cable car ride to Table Mountain in their itinerary, but only a few mention another option: staying the night there. Table Mountain is known and well-loved for its incredible panoramic views, so it is a shame if you are unable to fully experience it because you are rushed. The overnight hike begins at Kirstenbosch—a gorgeous botanical garden at the foot of the mountain—and includes stops at the Waterworks Museum, the old reservoir, and the rock formation called The Diving Board. The latter is also an excellent addition to your Cape Town photography adventure. Then, end the hike with a comfortable stay at the Overseers Cottage.

2. Hermanus

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) considers Hermanus as one of the twelve best whale-watching destinations in the world for a reason. This is after all a breeding ground for southern right whales. A whale-watching tour allows you to get close with these lovely creatures. We recommend timing your trip during the annual Hermanus Whale Festival in September.

cape town group tour3. Simon’s Town

From whales to penguins, Cape Town truly is a gift that keeps on giving. While Boulder’s Beach is still one of the best places to see penguins, kayaking in Simon’s Town is an excellent way to avoid getting stuck in traffic. It is also just terrific on its own; imagine paddling on the gorgeous waters while spotting the penguins and other sea life. Now that is an adventure to have. Of course, do not forget to apply sunblock.

4. Klein Roosboom Boutique Winery

Aside from gorgeous, gorgeous scenery, Cape Town is also known for its wine. There is a sightseeing bus that allows you to enjoy all three of the best things in Cape Town: wine, scenery, and food. But there is also another alternative for those who do not wish to traverse the city on a cape town group tourbus. Skip the big farms and instead take a scenic drive along Tygerberg Valley Road to Klein Roosboom and enjoy their excellent wines in one of the “caves.” The alcoves are quaint and uniquely decorated—just the right ingredients for the perfect afternoon, not to mention Instagram-worthy, too!

Cape Town group tours offer so much. This is exactly why a visit to the Mother City—as locals would call this port city—can be a trip on its own and has a unique character and flavor all its own. If you wish to experience an extended trip, you may also opt for the Botswana & Cape Town tour.

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