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Discover Argentina Off the Beaten Path

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Argentine Tango courtesy of at the southernmost part of South America; resembling a stalactite with its tip facing towards Antarctica, Argentina is one of the biggest countries in the world- and among the diverse cultures in the entire planet. A local once said that if you live in Argentina, yet only strolled the streets of Buenos Aires, sampled its gastronomic cuisine, and got lost in the entrancing dance of the tango, then you ate only one slice of the cake.

The Beauty of Estancias (Real Ranches)

Off the Path Argentina

If you want to learn how a local Argentine lives their usual, daily lives, experience it first hand by heading a little further away from the metropolis and into the numerous, sprawling ranches owned by local farmer families. Backpackers and tourists who love a twist in their journey stay a day or two as guests of an estancia owner. This is total Argentine immersion, rural living. Walk on foot or on horseback with a gaucho amidst majestic scenery which paints a surreal picture of the countryside.

Untamed Patagonia

In the eyes of a tourist, Patagonia is the place of the massive river of ice- Perito Moreno Glacier. But on the side of a Paleontologist, the rocky,Three Towers Patagonia wild, and exotic badlands of Patagonia hides the remnants of dinosaurs. In fact, it was in this place where the fossil of the greatest meat-eating reptile, the Giganotosaurus, was dug up in July 1993 by Rubén Darío Carolini. The giant reptile was even larger than the T-Rex and weighed 9,500 kg when it roamed the Earth. Argentine Patagonia not only offers an opportunity to capture photos of a very diverse ecosystem, but also enchants the kids at heart who love dinosaurs.

Towns of Mendoza & the Red Liquid Gold

Mendoza Wine PhotographyIf the names Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, or Malbec sound familiar to you then you probably like wine. Do you revel in the age-old craft of winemaking? No matter your interest, the city of Mendoza boasts Argentina’s haven of wineries. The “Napa” of Argentina if you will. There are several tours that include trips to Mendoza and its wineries. For a more adventurous trip, a winery jaunt to the Andes highlands reveals a different perspective and more spectacular views.

Tierra del Fuego

Translated literally, Tierra del Fuego is Spanish for ‘land of fire.’ Yet this nethermost part of Argentina—and the whole of South America—areCanoeing Tierra del Fuego courtesy of anything but fiery. Tierra del Fuego is the home of the city of Ushuaia where its colorful houses are sprawled across the foot of the frigid Andes Mountains along the coast of the Beagle channel. This wind-swept region offers panoramic views of wildlife. Photography travel lovers will be in heaven here. Among these, are the seal and sea lions that congregate at the ocean rocks jutting out toward Antarctica. It is also the home of Lapatai National Park and Tierra del Fuego National Parks where a train provides a nature trip around the place. Because of its close proximity to Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego is the gateway to touring the fifth largest continent.

Argentina is much bigger than many would suspect. These off the path highlights are only the beginning of a historical wonderland filled with culture, amazing landscapes, food, and so much more. Our travel club will be planning a group tour to Argentina in the near future! We can’t wait!

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2 Replies to “Discover Argentina Off the Beaten Path”

I think too many people in the Western world have forgotten that there are still untouched and raw vistas out there....and people who are still living in touch with their native roots as tenders of the land. Taking a closer look at the ranches of Argentina, and the raw beauty of Patagonia, helps. Thanks for sharing!
    August 16, 2013
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