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Destination Travel Guide: Tibet

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monk in TibetTibet is founded upon both the biggest and highest plateau in the world. It is home to both the rich culture of the Tibetan people and the natural beauties of the Himalaya mountain range.

Check out these 3 awesome places to visit on a trip to Tibet:

Courtesy of Time Magazine

1. Mount Everest stands on the border of China and Nepal, with one slope extending into each country. Travelers to Tibet can either tour the natural reserves that cover the entire region or attempt to climb the tallest mountain in the world from the Everest Base Camp.

Potala Palace courtesy of

2. The Potala Palace is an excellent example of the rich cultural sites that can be found throughout the Tibetan capital of Lhasa. It is an imposing example of local architecture sitting atop the Marpo Ri Hill, filled with art and relics of the Tibetan people. Visitors can tour the museum, step through the inner galleries, and see murals depicting scenes integral to the Buddhist faith.

Jokhang Temple courtesy of

3. With all the temples and monasteries that dot Tibet, it can be overwhelming choosing which ones to visit. Be sure to check out Jokhang Temple. This temple is unique because it is dedicated to no particular religious sect and blends the architectural styles of the then surrounding nations.

Whether a trek through Nepal get’s your blood running or a more leisurely tour through palaces, temples, and countryside, Tibet is a must visit on your travel bucket list.

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3 Replies to “Destination Travel Guide: Tibet”

    November 8, 2012
    You're welcome. Yes Tibet should be on everyone's travel bucket list!
The Potala Palace looks like a beautiful place to visit! Stunning architecture atop a rock like that reminds me of some castle ruins in France.
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