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Turkey Group Tours

Cappadocia, Turkey: Soar and Witness the Sunset

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Turkey Group Tours

A hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia in Turkey is a must when you visit. However, not all rides are created equal. 

Ideally, your launch point should be before sunrise and away from the swarm of other hot air balloons. This way, it’s not too crowded and you’d be able to see the most spectacular sunrise of your life.

Don’t go for the most expensive hot air balloon ride though because it does not guarantee quality. This would depend on your pilot so don’t be afraid to ask a potential hot air balloon operator questions such as –

1. How skilled are your pilots and if you can booked with the most experienced pilot. (You might need to pay premium for this.)

2. When and where is your launch point? Will you be launching with other hot air balloon operators?

3. Will the balloon stay high or mix it up with high and low flights? (Tip: Go for the one that can mix it up!)

4. How many people can fit in the basket and can you move around freely?

5. What type of food is included in the package? (It can vary between a decent breakfast or snacks.)

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