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botswana group tour

Botswana Safari & Vic Falls Adventure

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We had another epic adventure in Africa on this group tour to Botswana & Vic Falls. Our group safari in Chobe National Park did not disappoint. Chobe has the largest concentration of elephants in the entire world and we saw so many of these amazing giants. From mud baths, to playing in the river, to young males rough housing with each other, we saw it all. Some of our guests also brought amazing donations and medical supplies which we donated to the local hospital in Kasane along the Chobe river.

On our last day of safari we were amazed to come upon a whole pride of 10 lions feeding on a Cape Buffalo and then not 10 minutes later an up close sighting of a leopard! This was the best safari game drive our travel club has ever had and more than our guests could ask for! Even our awesome guide Chris was laughing the whole ride back to the lodge in disbelief of this once in a lifetime game drive. Needless to say, the photographs and video’s we all took were amazing. We topped our experience off with a unique village visit in Namibia just across the Chobe River from our luxury game lodge.

After our safari in Botswana we crossed the border into Zimbabwe to explore the world famous Victoria Falls, the largest waterfall in Africa. When we arrived at the falls (June 2014) the heavy rains from the past winter provided plenty of water for the falls to be pounding at full steam. In fact, as we walked the path along the falls for over 1/2 a mile we were completely drenched by the end from the constant mist that rises high into the air as the water pounds into the river below. It is like a non-stop rain shower accept the rain isn’t from clouds but from the waterfall itself! In fact it was so wet it was hard to see and photograph up close so some of us went on a memorable helicopter ride over the falls. We got great photos and videos from up here! On the last day, a few guests decided to do the Vic Falls Bridge Bungee Jump! Check out the video of our guest jumping over 400 ft of surging rapids with a massive rainbow at the bottom!

You gotta join us on our next group tour to Southern Africa. Witnessing Victoria Falls this time of year is an awesome experience not to mention going on safari to immerse yourself in the world of these amazing animals. We promise you’ll have the trip of a life time with endless photographs and memories to take home! Our travel club will be announcing our next group safari here soon so stay tuned!

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3 Replies to “Botswana Safari & Vic Falls Adventure”

Mike B in Tampa
July 12, 2014
Great video of another grand adventure in Africa. Sorry I had to miss it. Especially liked the good fortune of viewing the fresh lion meal...part of the life chain. Keep up the good work (travel adventures) Steve! Mike in Tampa
Aliona Edwards
November 7, 2014
I had the best time on this trip it was so amazing and the wildlife was awesome Steve was the coolest guy ever.
    November 19, 2014
    Thanks ALi! It was awesome traveling with you and hope to see you and your family again on another adventure
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