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Destination Travel Guide: Beautiful Bolivia

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bolivian trip planningBolivia offers a superb variety of natural and historical man made sites. In the urban areas, travelers can experience a culture that still retains influence from both the Inca and the Spanish, while outside, the pristine landscape is both beautiful and diverse. Despite its past problems, Bolivia provides an experience that adventure & culture lovers will embrace while getting fantastic travel photos all along the way.

To get started on your Bolivia trip planning, check out these three spectacular sights to experience & photograph:

  • Amboro National Park occupies a convergence of the Andes, the Amazon Basin, and the Gran Chaco. As a result, Amboro National Park Animalsits environments are home to a remarkable array of exotic species, ranging from capybaras and peccaries to capuchin monkeys and spectacled bears. Most tours into Amboro National Park start either close to the Amazon rainforest or the foothills of the Andes. This area is a must visit for photographers.

  • Bolivia Salt Flat illusionsShining bright beneath the sun, Salar de Uyuni is the single biggest salt flat on the planet. Rich in sodium, lithium, and other useful materials, it is a site of significant economic value to Bolivia. However, its peculiar landscape is also a powerful attraction to visitors, who can find comfortable accommodation nearby and take interesting photographs of the landscape and each other.

  • Tiwanaku is the fallen capital of a Pre-Columbian empire that once stretched from Chile to Peru. Today, there are guided tours of theBolivia highlights surviving sites. An on-site museum hosting one of three collections of artifacts retrieved from the ruins is a great visit while there. The other two collections can be found in La Paz.

Our travel club members interested in photographing wildlife, culture, and history will be surprised by the multitude of opportunities in Bolivia. The wildlife, cities, and cultural landmarks are bound to please travelers like us! Hence, stay tuned for a group tour to Bolivia soon enough!

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2 Replies to “Destination Travel Guide: Beautiful Bolivia”

Mary @ Green Global Travel
February 17, 2014
Everything about Bolivia seems very appealing. There are so many areas to learn about the culture and great opportunities for great photos! Thanks for sharing.
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