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What is it like to live in Moscow? This is a difficult question to answer, since one man’s meat is another man’s poison. There are […]
The Burren along the west coast of Ireland. County Clare takes the credit for this barren landscape of limestone which stretches for miles. [...]
Big Island turtles
Kiholo Bay is the hidden destination we brought everyone to and there are sea turtles everywhere. [...]
As we stopped in the middle of the masai mara whole family of elephants crossed the road in front of our eyes. They were so close you could touch them! [...]
cliff hiking
Awesome cliffs, rock formations, views and people! The Pinnacles National Monument is well known for its Peru like landscapes and vast rock formations. [...]
africa group tour
Packing can always be difficult for any vacation but gets even more complicated when going someplace exotic like Africa! [...]
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