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People travel for many different reasons. Some travel for business and others go to see the sights around the world. Some people just want to […]
Top 3 activities while traveling in Sicily! Sicily is a popular destination because of its many attractions, sight seeing opportunities, and available activities. The mainland […]
If there are 3 things you do while traveling Cambodia make sure you knock these off your list: Top 3 things to do in Cambodia Cambodia is […]
As a travel club that’s proud to call travel photography its favorite core value it makes sense to talk about the 3 types of snapshots […]
As we get ready for our travel club’s trip to Cambodia next week this article from one of our members is really getting us excited! […]
black rhinoceros safari
The cape buffalo also known as the Africa Buffalo are all over Africa and are famous for being one of the "Big 5", a term coined by hunters that refers to the most popular animals to hunt. [...]
The unique coastal wonder known as Papakōlea Beach, Mahana Beach, or to us common folk: green sand beach. [...]
Our photography travel club is heading off to Cambodia & Vietnam next week and one of our members shared an awesome story about his experience […]
Egypt Group Tours
We also got to go inside Menkaura's Pyramid; the Pharaoh who reigned from 2532--2504 BC. [...]
A member of our travel club shares her relaxing experience vacationing in the Virgin Island of St. John: One of the most relaxing vacations I’ve […]
This massive salt lake (called Lake Tuz) in central Anatolia Turkey supplies 65% of the countries table salt. [...]
If you’re planning or thinking about planning your first backpacking trip, there are a few things you need to think about: 1. Budget The first […]
This secluded lake is in the mountains outside of Ukiah CA. We packed a houseboat full of water toys to an awesome camp spot and set up shop for the weekend. [...]
Stonehenge is one of Britain’s (the world’s) most well-known icons, and is probably the one we know the least about. This prehistoric monument has had […]
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