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Indonesia Group Tour

Beyond the Crowds of Bali: Indonesia Group Tours

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Indonesia Group Tour

With over 13,000 islands, it is not difficult to imagine that Indonesia hosts some of the most diverse destinations in the world. However, most tourists would normally immediately flock to the popular island of Bali. Now, there is no problem with that. Bali is an extremely beautiful island known for its gorgeous beaches, coral reefs, and iconic rice paddies. It is worth remembering, though, that Bali is just one of the thousands of islands in Indonesia waiting to be explored.

Typical Indonesia group tours often involve a holistic experience of the country. Beginning with a tour of one of its lively cities such as Java or Yogyakarta, travelers are then treated to the one-of-a-kind beauty of the pure beaches and waters of the Komodo Islands. A trip to see the volcanoes on the ring of fire and a walk through the thick jungle are other activities one should not miss. Capping off the tour is a culinary experience unique to Indonesia featuring the archipelago’s traditional dishes.

But if you are looking for a more laid back, less touristy way to see Indonesia, continue reading below.

Indonesia Group TourIndonesia Highlights and Features

1. Discover the Ancient Art of Batik

You may have probably seen it, intricate patterns worn by many locals. Batik is an ancient art of drawing unique, traditional patterns on cloth. Many locals actually wear batik as part of their modern wardrobe. It is also a favorite souvenir by tourists. What is even more interesting is actually taking part in creating one. Thankfully, there are many workshops available around Java (or even Yogyakarta) wherein locals happily teach visitors this ancient art. From heating up the dye to creating the patterns, it is a whole other experience.

2. Stay in the Caldera of a Super Volcano

Over 75 million years ago, a dynamic volcanic eruption formed the largest lake in Southeast Asia, Lake Toba. Today, the lake is a serene destination and one that is worth staying a night (or two) over. The center island is called Samosir and is surprisingly larger than Singapore. You will have no trouble finding a hotel that offers an unobstructed view of the lake. However, swimming is not for the faint of heart. Lake Toba is, after all, the deepest crater lake in the world with an average depth of 450 meters. And while you are at it, explore local culture such as the Indonesian tribe of Batak.

Indonesia Group Tour3. Take the Most Breathtaking Photos

Indonesia is every nature photographer’s dream come true. Perhaps it is the tropical glow or the limitless islands to explore, one thing is certain – every corner is a new photo opportunity. From volcanic mountains, stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant cultures, you will not run out of something new to discover and photograph. While you are on a Komodo Island photography adventure, indulge in a few “Instagram-style” snapshots like the popular friendship swings.

The diverse Indonesia travel destinations will keep any adventurer preoccupied. No moment is wasted because every new experience is one worth remembering. So what are you waiting for? Joining Indonesia group tours could just be the best thing you will ever do.

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