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Beautiful and Fascinating: The Netherlands Group Tours

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The Netherlands is not unfamiliar to many of us. In fact, this northwestern European country is a favorite of many travelers. It is the land of sweeping landscapes, windmills, tulip fields, cycling, and Vincent Van Gogh, among many other things. Truly, the Netherlands has proven itself deserving of the steady stream of enthusiastic tourists.

But what if you wish to break away from the typical and often busy the Netherlands group tours? Where do you go? What do you do?

We listed down below some of our favorite Netherlands travel destinations.

The Netherlands Features and Highlights

1. Eat pancakes

Pancakes are a staple Dutch dish, so it is just right to begin your trip with a serving or two! While there is nothing wrong with enjoying it in the comforts of your hotel or a nearby café, why not make it an unforgettable one? Among our favorite unusual pancake houses used to be a train from 1914. De Pannenkoekentrein in Marrum lets you enjoy delicious pancakes (with vegetarian options!) amidst the décor of an old Dutch train. If trains are not your thing, another option is to take a 75-minute “pancake cruise” on the Ij river while enjoying apple and bacon pancakes (among other options).

2. Visit an ancient passage

Sure, the classic way to pay homage to Vincent Van Gogh is by visiting the museum dedicated to him. However, there is another activity that might be more intimate. Oudemanhuispoort is an ancient passage that has become part of the University of Amsterdam’s law faculty. This passage has a fascinating 400-year-old history and was at one point a hospital for cholera victims, a convent, an arts academy, and a museum. Since 1886, this covered walkway features stalls selling sheet music, secondhand prints, and books. It is this very passage that Van Gogh himself was said to visit quite often. Some even claim that it was here that he found the Japanese prints that became a source of inspiration for his many iconic masterpieces.

3. Explore a small Dutch town

The Netherlands has a lot of quaint little towns, but the town of Giethoorn is especially unique for its lack of roads. Aptly known as the “Venice of the North,” locals and visitors alike traverse this town through its pretty canals and over 100 wooden bridges. Admittedly, its similarity to the Italian city begins and ends in its having canals. Instead, what it reminds us of is Hobbitown, with its picturesque, green landscapes and beautiful homes. Travel around town is possible using small boats, such as rowboats and gondolas. To help guide you on you’re the Netherlands photography adventure, be sure to visit the official Giethoorn website which contains details about the town written by the locals themselves.

Netherlands group tours hold a promise of breathtaking attractions and distinctive activities. It is both a joy and dream to visit this country once and then again and again and again.

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