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Austria Group Tour

Austria Group Tours: Mozart, Beer Pools, & Alpine Living

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Austria Group Tour

Austria is a quiet and popular destination. In fact, you’d find Austria on most people’s bucket list. And rightly so. Known for its lush mountainous landscapes, quaint villages, and a passion for coffee (check out their mélange coffee), desserts (another Viennese specialty – sachre torte!), and the arts—Austria is every traveler’s dream.

Understandably, most Austria group tours focus heavily on its capital, Vienna. Austria Group TourThe charming city is said to “unfold itself like a Mozart concerto,” as one takes the ride from the airport to the center. The heart of Vienna is its Museum Quarter, which features a maze of incredible Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings that challenge those found in Paris. This area is ideal for your Austria photography and historical adventure.

However, there is more to Austria than just Vienna. There is so much more to see in this charming Central European country. Below are some other Austrian travel destinations worth visiting.


Austria Highlights and Features

1. Salzburg Altstadt

Salzburg was a spiritual center during the earliest days of Christianity in Europe. The Prince Archbishops, who took residence in the city, commissioned some of their time’s finest artists and architects to build and decorate churches, monasteries, and residences.

Currently, the medieval and Baroque buildings create a gorgeous old quarter worth exploring. Among the must-see structures are St. Peter’s Abbey and its church, including its beautiful cemetery and catacombs. If the place looks familiar, you probably Austria Group Tourhave seen it in the classic film The Sound of Music. While in Salzburg, do not forget to roam around the charming squares and stop by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthplace turned museum. Of course, no trip to Salzburg is complete without a visit to Hohensalzburg castle, which you can get to through a funicular.

2. Starkenberger Beer Pools

Beer lovers, this next destination is for you. Located in the city of Tarrenz, beer lovers can finally, literally, immerse themselves in beer. Brewer Starkenberger’s castle features “the world’s only beer-swimming-pools.” Choose among the seven 13-foot pools containing around 42,000 pints of warm beer. Aside from the general happiness that comes with literally swimming in your favorite beverage, the beer in the pool is said to be rich in vitamins and calcium and is good for the skin. For a complete beer-centered experience, they also offer beer trivia, beer history, and beer drinking (duh!).

3. Green Lake

Scuba diving in Austria? Well, why not? During falls and winters, the Green Lake (located in Tal) is the perfect setting for an Alpine hike. Away from the bustle of the city, visitors spend a day walking around the average-sized body of water, mountain meadow, and surrounding forest. However, during the warmer months, the lake transforms into a Austria Group Tourlarger body of water, thanks to the melted winter snows. The rising water levels cover the nearby park with pure glacier water. Scuba divers, who come here in May and June, get to see fish swimming around submerged park benches and bridges and over gravel paths and bushes. Now that’s a different “walk in the park” experience.

Indeed, what is not to love about Austria? It is a destination that holds so much magic—from its historical sites to its natural wonders. It is really easy to see why Austria group tours are a favorite of many.

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