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norway group tour

An Immersive Getaway: Norway Group Tours

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norway group tour

For many of us, travel offers a chance to get away from the mundane and banal responsibilities of life. And yet, it is almost always in traveling that we ultimately rediscover the very reasons why we live.

Perhaps we pick Norway because it is quaint, charming, and varied, or perhaps because we have grown up with stories of the Vikings. Whatever reason you have for visiting this Northwestern European wonderland, you are in for an experience that is immersive and, as many put it, life-changing.

Joining Norway group tours is your best bet at making the most out of your Scandinavian adventure.

Norway Highlights and Features

norway group tour1. Northern Lights

The Northern Lights are a favorite attraction of everyone, no doubt. While this phenomenon is not new in anyone’s travel playbook, it is an experience worth doing – again and again, and again. Luckily, Norway is among the best places to see them offering equally gorgeous accommodations perfect after a long day of venturing to find these lights. As a bonus, the country’s first single malt is produced in the world’s northernmost distillery, on the island of Myken. Northern Lights and single malt whisky? Not bad at all.

2. Arctic Cathedral

Even if you are not religious, this attraction is worth visiting for its beauty. Built in 1965 by Norwegian architect Jan Inge Hovig, the Arctic Cathedral is a work of art. The entire structure is designed to look like icebergs and the giant peaks of nearby mountains. The inside features sparkling mosaics and the iconic façade is made of glass. During the winter, the cathedral is lit up from outside making it even more spectacular. In the summer, the cathedral is a venue for various late-night concerts, too. We highly recommend this destination to be included in your Norway photography adventure.

3. Jumping on a suspended rock

Maybe as you were imagining your Norwegian adventure, the thought of jumping on a suspended rock did not cross your mind. But such is the case with Norway — where the inner daredevils in us get ultimately awakened. Although there are many thrilling adventures in this country, this one should be on your list. Kjeragbolten is a boulder wedged between two rock formations on Mt. Kjerag. Suspended 1,110 meters (or 3,640 feet) high in the air, you are indeed in for a treat if you dare to step foot on the rock.

norway group tour4. Vikings

Are you truly in Norway without visiting Viking museums? Luckily, such museums are found around Oslo. Although already an ultramodern and hip capital, Oslo is the perfect place to know more about the Viking age. See original ninth-century Viking ships in the Viking Ship Museum and battle gear and other artifacts in the Historical Museum. Make sure to dedicate at least a day for exploring because there is just too much to see and discover.

5. Fjords

Norway is almost synonymous with fjords, and rightly so. With more than 1,000 fjords along Norway’s coastline, you are in for a treat. Sognefjord is worth a visit. This is the so-called “King of Fjords” after all. At 200 kilometers, it is easily the country’s longest fjord and the second-longest in the world. Another majestic sight is Lysefjord. It features unique rock formations and the world’s longest wooden stairway.

What an adventure awaits, indeed. Norway does not even have to try. It is just truly remarkable. All Norway travel destinations are worth visiting and experiencing. So what are you waiting for? Join Norway group tours now and be prepared to be blown away.

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