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Banff Canada Group tour

Alpine Wonderland: Canadian Rockies Group Tours

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Canada Rockies Group tour

When one mentions Canadian Rockies, one of the first words that come to mind is majestic. Standing in front of the expansive mountain range floors you and reminds you of the tiny space you occupy in the world. It gives you better perspective and understanding of just how astounding the natural world is.

Are we being too philosophical yet?

Well, it is difficult not to when thinking of the Canadian Rockies. They carry with them a certain allure that stops you in your tracks. And stop, we do. Because when you are in the Canadian Rockies, you need a moment (or a lot of it!) to just take everything in: the alpine lakes, the rugged peaks covered in snow, the stunning lakes, and the diverse wildlife.

Now, before we get too carried away, allow us to walk you through some of the experiences you must have while on Canadian Rockies group tours.

Canadian Rockies Highlights and Features

Banff Region

1. Banff Springs Hotel

Banff Canada Group tourIf there is anything that can rival the natural grandeur of the Canadian Rockies, it is probably Banff Springs Hotel. Built in 1887 and renovated between 1906 and 1928, this UNESCO World Heritage Site was formerly a Canadian Pacific railway hotel and is appropriately called the Castle in the Rockies. You can stay in the hotel if you wish to explore Banff, thanks to its location— inside the National Park. It offers activities from golfing to world-class skiing. Our favorite, though, is the grand spa, complete with whirlpools, aromatherapy saunas, and more.

2. Banff Gondola

What better way to see the Canadian Rockies but from above? The Banff Gondola is among the favorite Canadian Rockies travel destinations and there is no arguing why. The ride gives you an unobstructed view of the breathtaking vistas from all directions. Take the four-passenger gondola for an eight-minute ride to the Sulphur Mountain summit, then ride over treetops to the Rocky Mountain peak. There you can stroll along the boardwalk where you get a bird’s-eye view of the gorgeous mountain ranges, completing your Canadian Rockies photography adventure.

Jasper Region

3. Athabasca Glacier

This is a natural wonder that you have to see while you still can. The 6-km glacier is among the most accessible glaciers in Canada and is perhaps the most beautiful. The less experienced visitors can explore the glacier through guided tours and hikes. Proper climbing equipment is, of course, necessary. For the more experienced ones, with special permission, you can explore the glacier from underneath, which offers a charm of its own. Scientists have even declared how surprised they were “by how beautiful it was.” It is best to see this when given the chance because the glacier is said to be receding due to climate change.

Canada Rockies Group tour4. Medicine Lake

At first glance, Medicine Lake looks like a regular lake (with the most gorgeous backdrop of course). However, “regular” is not how one would describe it. In fall and winter, the lake disappears into a mudflat with scattered pools. But what is even more amazing is how it disappears—through an extensive underground system. The cave system underneath is believed to be the largest inaccessible system in the world. On the surface, wildlife is thriving: grizzly bears, mule deer, black bears, moose, wolves, and many other larger mammals.

We can go on and on and on about why the Canadian Rockies belong in your bucket list. This destination is excellent for photographers seeking to photograph the best of Mother Nature. You will not run out of subjects to capture.

So what are you waiting for? Join Canadian Rockies group tours now.

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