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All About the Outdoors: Switzerland Group Tours

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Oh, Switzerland. Where do we even begin?

It is no secret that this mountainous Central European country boasts stunning outdoors and various activities for everyone. When we think of Switzerland, we think of sprawling valleys, snow-capped peaks, and lakes. Those who have been to Switzerland say the same thing: the country is like a painting coming to life.

So what awaits you when you join Switzerland group tours? We listed down some of our favorite Switzerland travel destinations below.

Switzerland Highlights and Features

1. Visit a guesthouse on the side of a mountain (Wasserauen, Switzerland)

The Berggasthaus Aescher Wildkirchli is a gorgeous guesthouse and restaurant constructed into a cliff. In fact, its back wall is made up of the actual rock. This place has been around for over 170 years and used to house farmers. Its guestbook dates back to 1940. The Knechtle-Wyss couple and their five children used to run the place, but since 2018 they announced that a new owner will manage it. It is open from May to November, depending on how much snow there is. The guesthouse is no longer operational and is now fully a restaurant. The best way to get there is by the Wasserauen-Ebenalp cable car. It is also just a short distance from the Wildkirchli caves—home to the Neanderthals 40,000 years ago. The vast scenery from the guesthouse is breathtaking making this stop a must on your Switzerland photography adventure.

2. Cross mountain gaps on a thin suspension (Gadmen, Switzerland)

This activity is not for the faint of heart. Suspended above an arm of Lake Triftsee in the Swiss Alps, the Trift Bridge is a thin suspension bridge that is around 170 meters long and hangs 100 meters above the valley floor. Despite its appearance, the bridge is quite safe. It is made of thick steel cables and bolted wooden planks. It was originally built in 2004 to allow workers to access a power plant. In 2009, it was reconstructed and finally opened to the public. Anyone who appreciates feeling close to the edge of open expanses will love this.

3. Walk into a real-life fairytale (Boudry, Switzerland)

You will find in the Brot-Dessous region the lush Areuse Gorg carved over the millenia by what is currently the Areuse river. The gorge is well loved by hikers because of its beautiful natural fissures. But at the heart of the canyon walls is the Saut de Brot—a singular stone arch that is simple yet almost fantastical in its composition. The greenery above and around the bridge make it feel secluded, although there are other hikers around. It is the stuff of fairytales or the very thing you expect to find in a Tolkien novel. Thankfully, it is fairly easy to make your way to the bridge. You can choose from two options: an hour-long or a three-hour-long hike.

What can we say? Switzerland stuns us with its natural beauty. Indeed, it is Mother Nature’s own painting. You will not regret joining Switzerland group tours!

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