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A True Caribbean Paradise: Dominican Republic Group Tours

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We have talked about so many destinations in the past—tropical, cold, popular, and not-so popular. Oftentimes, these destinations require some of sort introduction because they are not on everyone’s radar. The Dominican Republic, on the other hand, needs no long foreword. It is the most popular Caribbean island-nation, after all.

The challenge for visitors now is to find Dominican Republic travel destinations and activities that are not saturated by tourists. The good news is—there are a lot!

This “micro-continent” has a little bit of everything.

Here are some of our must-try recommendations for Dominican Republic group tours.

Dominican Republic Highlights and Features

1. Los Tres Ojos

The best things come in three… especially in Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic, home to Los Tres Ojos or in English, The Three Eyes. This is a group of subterranean lakes hidden in a limestone cave. Because of the constant flow of fresh water from an underground river, the lakes are teeming with natural life—from animals to minerals to plants. The lakes are also present gorgeous hues of greens and blues, and around each lake is a thick foliage. There is a fourth lake that you may visit for an additional fee.

2. Altos de Chavon

A slice of ancient Italy in the Dominican Republic? We know that this is the last thing that comes to mind when planning your itinerary, but hear us out. The small town of Altos de Chavon is worth a visit. It features Italian-style homes and a Roman amphitheater. St. Stanislaus Church has beautiful stonework, and there are lines of cobbled plazas and alleyways as well. What is even more interesting is how this little town was actually built in the 1970s and 80s as a Hollywood set! Walk through arts and crafts stalls and visit galleries. It is such a strange discovery, but one that we are down for. You may even include this in your Dominican Republic photography adventure. It will feel as if you have been in two places at once.

3. Cueva de las Maravillas

Aptly called the Cave of Wonders in English, Cueva de las Maravillas is lined with hundreds of Taíno cave paintings by the Taíno people of Greater Antilles. The caves are important in their mythology, and in Cueva de las Maravillas specifically, there are around 10 petroglyphs and 472 pictographs which depicts various subjects including human experiences and animal life. It was declared a national park 1997 and became available to the public in 2003. While the cave is 800 meters long, visitors are only allowed to explore about 200 meters winding through the galleries. Visits and foot traffic are heavily controlled and require a guide. Tours usually take an hour.

Indeed, this tropical destination has a little bit of everything. Dominican Republic groups tours are always full and exciting. Venture beyond your luxury resorts and experience the real Dominican Republic.

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