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A Tropical Island Dream Come True: Fiji Yasawa Islands

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For many of us, our idea of a dream vacation includes white sandy beaches, dancing palm trees, and crystal clear ocean waters. In other words, most of us would rather be in a tropical island paradise. No wonder then that the Yasawa Islands in Fiji are well-loved by many travelers—it has all the elements of the perfect holiday.

Think of Yasawa Islands group tours as a getaway, an exploration, a quick dip into how life should be if only we weren’t so caught up in our 9-5 jobs. It offers a welcome escape from our busy lives, if only just for a while.

We put together a list of our favorite Yasawa Islands travel destinations and activities below to help you get started.

Fiji Yasawa Islands Highlights and Features

fiji hot lead1. Swim in the Blue Lagoon

Found in the northern end of the Yasawa Islands, the Blue Lagoon is surrounded by stunning islands. It features gorgeous hues of blue caused by the meeting of the shallow sandy waters, white sand beaches, and coral reefs. What you get is an impressive gradient of blue that gives this place its name. Of course, one must snorkel in the calm, clear waters to observe the active marine life. Do not forget to bring your cameras because this might well be the first stop in your Yasawa Islands photography adventure. The creative possibilities are endless.

2. Join a Kava Ceremony

If you want to get a fuller experience of the islands, we recommend partaking in a local Kava ceremony. Kava ceremonies are famous in across Fiji. These ceremonies involve the traditional practice of preparing and consuming an alcoholic drink from the native Kava plant (drinks without alcohol are available as well). The legend behind this ceremony is just as interesting as the actual practice. Because the Yasawa Islands are still relatively traditional, it is easy to find these ceremonies in the islands.

fiji hot lead3. Interact with Manta Rays

When in the Yasawa Islands, swimming with manta rays is a must. The best place to go is Barefoot Manta Island, which is world famous for viewing manta rays especially the black and chevron types. It is best to go between May and October. You may book day trips from resorts on the island or from surrounding islands.

4. See the reefs up close

It goes without saying that snorkeling is among the most popular activities in the Yasawa Islands. The islands, after all, are known to offer one of the best snorkeling experiences in the world. Wherever you are on the island, the waters are still and clear. You do not even have to go far; you can just walk out from the white sand beaches and be quickly surrounded by colorful and lively marine life and coral reefs. You may bring your own or rent gear.

The list above includes just some of the most extraordinary Yasawa Islands travel destinations. It is a dream getaway, the tropical vacation of our fantasies.

A Fiji Yasawa Islands group tour will unlock a new longing for the tropics.

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